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Having the right employees in your organization means lower turnover, higher productivity, and a stronger bottom line.

Discover Industries Served


Manufacturing companies face unique challenges, so you need an efficient process to address manufacturing hiring issues.


Healthcare organizations are a complex mix of executives, physicians, nurses and other professionals, technical and front-line staff.


Many organizations face high risk safety situations in the field. These organizations need the right program to reduce safety risks in new hires and current staff.

Customer Service

Great customer service differentiates you from your competitors, this makes hiring customer service representatives critical.

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Pre-Hire HR Solutions

  • Employee Assessments

    Whether you are looking for a single employee assessment or support for a full hiring process, Select International has a solution that’s right for you.

  • Interview Training

    Rely on Select International’s more than 20 years of experience in interview training for hiring managers to help you identify, select and develop top talent for your organization through better structural behavioral interviews.

  • Leadership & Executive Assessments

    Select International has developed an innovative way to ensure that companies can select and develop their top talent. By combining a user-friendly and interactive interface with avatar technology, we have created the best delivery system for leadership assessment that exists on the market today.


2014 Business Outcomes Report

In 2014, Select International celebrated its 21st successful year in business. We are very proud of our continued health and growth. Check out the real results that Select International achieved for its clients in 2014.  This 21-page report highlights accomplishments within several areas, including manufacturing, healthcare, customer service and safety.

Our clients saw many successes in 2014, including:

  • -Improved overall job performance
  • -Fewer safety incidents
  • -Improved attendance
  • -Decreased turnover
  • -Decreased counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs)



“We had to define particular areas and skill sets in potential employees.”

Safety and teamwork are critical components for a manufacturing organization.

Learn how Tom Kellner and the team at TMK IPSCO were able to quantify the soft-skills they were seeking through the hiring process by partnering with Select International.

Discover the cost-saving benefits of hiring the right employees, the first time.