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5 Competencies to Focus on When Hiring Salespeople

Posted by Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

PuzzleAlmost every company in the world has sales people in one form or another. A question we get asked seemingly everyday is: Why are some people successful in sales while others are not? In other words, what makes for a good salesperson? This is a question that sales managers and executives ask themselves regularly, particularly when hiring a new salesperson. Perhaps a more perplexing question is why someone who is successful selling in one job is a complete failure in another, or vice versa. Is there a way of dramatically increasing your odds that someone is going to succeed in a sales role?

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Six Things to Consider Before Writing Off Behavioral Assessments

Posted by Bryan Warren

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I get it. It just doesn’t make sense to you that a series of questions about what you believe, or how much you agree with seemingly unrelated statements, could predict whether a candidate will be good at a particular job. There are plenty of (mostly uninformed) articles out there questioning the value of behavioral tests in employment situations. A recent Wall Street Journal article proposes that they are discriminatory. A Forbes article slams the use of the Meyers-Briggs.

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It’s not unreasonable to question their role in selection. But this is where the science of psychology comes in. I might question how laying in a tube that makes a bunch of noise can tell my doctor whether I have a problem with my upper intestine – but then they explain the science of a CT scan to me, and what they are looking for, and their track record of diagnosing these problems with this methodology, and I’m willing to lay there for a while.

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What's Our Secret? One Thing That Helps Make Us an Awesome Company

Posted by Doug Wolf

462395627Here at Select, we constantly talk about company culture. Culture is at the heart of what we do – we help our client partners hire for cultural fit by identifying candidates who fit their organizational environment. Likewise, Select puts a great emphasis on cultural fit when we hire for our own open positions. We look at other companies to see what they’re doing, and what makes their cultures the way they are. Recently, we’ve written about Google, Boston Brewing Company, and are doing a webinar next month with Sears about their culture.

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Disability Mentoring Day at Select International

Posted by Paul Glatzhofer

SELECTlogo_transparentFor the past three years Select International has participated in Disability Mentoring Day, which took place this year on Wednesday, October 15th. Select International is proud to have been involved in this program. This year we hosted 7 students from the Pine Richland, PA School District. The day consisted of several activities, including: an office tour, executive address from our CEO, and interviewing practice with mentors. 

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5 Things to Know about Employee Assessments

Posted by Amber Thomas


So, you're interested in using employee assessments at your organization, but you still have some questions, right? That's understandable. Implementing employee assessments can be a big step, but an important one. It might seem a little overwhelming, but I promise it's not. Plus, it will be totally worth it in the end.

There are so many obvious benefits of using assessments. For example, employee assessments can help make your life easier by narrowing down your candidate pool. They can help screen out the candidates who really would not be a good fit at all for your organization. Assessments will also ensure that your hiring process is legally defensible

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Should You Use a Job Simulation in Hiring?

Posted by Steven Jarrett, Ph.D.

174772259Every organization – large or small, public or private, profitable or not – can share in the pain of trying to hire new talent into the organization. Talk with any hiring manager who has been at it for awhile, and they will have an exemplar story of the one bad hire who snuck through their process. Hiring is difficult, no doubt about it. We often have to wonder if the polished professional individual sitting across us in the interview will be the same person who shows up to work 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years down the road. People will often say the best predictor of future performance is an individual’s past performance (on a similar type of job). I can now hear the collective masses retorting, “How the heck am I supposed to know how they performed at their old job, and furthermore, what if they have never done this new job?”

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The Four Best Benefits of Using Pre-Employment Assessments

Posted by Amber Thomas

186532863There are many advantages to using properly designed and implemented pre-employment assessments, but it can be confusing to figure it all out without an education or extensive experience in using assessments for selection. It is no surprise, then, that many trailblazers who wish to bring assessments to their organizations have a difficult time explaining the value of assessments internally. Here are a few ideas for explaining the value of assessments to your key stakeholders. Properly designed assessments are:

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Hiring Remote Employees Can Be Scary - Focus on These Four Things

Posted by Kate Van Bremen, Ph.D.

459929137One of the perks that many companies seem to be offering to these days is allowing their employees to work remotely. It’s easy to do with current employees since you probably have a good idea of who they are and how they work, but what about hiring someone new who will likely always be working remotely? It’s probably a little intimidating, and possibly a little frightening, to give your new employees this kind of freedom, but there are so many great benefits for both sides.

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Let's Talk: Are Workplace Personality Tests Fair?

Posted by Kevin Klinvex

Everyone should read this article. It is an example of being able to take any topic and paint it as good or evil by selectively choosing data and quotes. A more honest title would have been - "Another Attempt to Discredit Personality Tests -This Time with an ADA Spin."

106533554A young man, Kyle Behm, was recently profiled in a WSJ article as a case study of all that’s wrong with pre-employment testing. Kyle, an engineering student, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which is a condition classified under the Americans with Disabilities Act. He applied for a job at 6 retailers and was screened out based on personality test data collected in each hiring process. Instead of assuming that Kyle is a poor fit for retail and perhaps a better fit for, oh let’s see, something related to engineering, his father filed complaints with the EEOC.

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Why Does Everyone Want to Work at Google?

Posted by Lindsey Burke


Think of the best company you have ever worked for: what made you stay? Why did you enjoy your time with this company? What made this company tick? If you have ever worked for a company you did not enjoy, what did you not like about? Why have you decided to leave and look for new opportunities?

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