3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring

Posted by  Paul Glatzhofer

now-hiringThere is nothing more frustrating than doing a lot of work and spending time and energy on tasks that are either undervalued or outright dismissed. It is even more demotivating when your work is thwarted by individuals who have less experience and expertise than you in a particular domain. Unfortunately I see this all of the time as it related to the hiring process. Oftentimes when talking with decision makers, I’ll come across someone who wields a good deal of power and influence within an organization, and many times, they use it to influence the hiring process as well. The down side is that too often this person is not well versed in selection methods and really has no idea what they are doing (to be perfectly honest) when it comes to hiring top talent.


Mobile Assessment: The Horses Have Left the Barn

Posted by  Matthew O'Connell, Ph.D.

SIOPNext month at SIOP’s (the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology) annual conference in Philadelphia, my colleagues, Dr. Winfred Arthur, Jr. from Texas A&M University, Dr. Dennis Doverspike from the University of Akron, and I will be presenting a pre-conference workshop. The focus of the workshop is on the state of mobile testing for selection purposes. The title of the workshop is entitled, Mobile Assessment: The Horses Have Left the Barn…. Now What?

That sort of sums up what’s happening in the mobile assessment marketplace. For years there have been serious concerns about unproctored testing, testing over the internet, etc. Well, the fact is that unproctored testing is here to stay and the advent of mobile devices has made it easier than ever to test people anywhere, and anytime. Is that a good thing? In some ways yes, it gives more people an opportunity to apply for jobs than ever before. At the same time, it raises logistical, psychometric and even ethical issues.


How to Stop Your Employees From Quitting

Posted by  Alissa Parr, Ph.D.

QuittingHave you been noticing more employees quitting in recent months? Well, you’re not alone. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report on job openings and turnover, there has been an increase in the number of employees quitting. In the most recent report, the BLS examined the hires and separations from January 2015 as well as how these numbers compared to months previously.


Increasing the ROI of Your Hiring Process

Posted by  Paul Glatzhofer

time-moneyIn my experience consulting with organizations about their hiring processes, there are plenty of “gaps” that create potential hiring problems and inefficiencies. Some of these gaps can be filled with reliable, and valid, tools. However, if you are going to invest in a hiring tool or two, you should be sure that you are getting the best return on your investment – both in time and money. There is a huge amount of time and effort that goes into hiring capable and competent employees, and organizations need to protect the time investment by ensuring they are hiring the right employees.

Although my list below does not encompass all of the potential gaps that I have encountered, it does summarize the key themes I have seen in the last 10 years.


Is Emotional Intelligence Important for Job Performance?

Posted by  Jessica Petor

IntelligenceMost people think of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) when they hear the word intelligence. It’s widely accepted that assessing human intelligence can predict performance over time; higher IQ’s indicate a better ability to learn and understand than those with lower scores.

There is no doubt that someone should have a relatively good IQ to be successful at their job, but many people are unaware how their EMOTIONAL intelligence can play a role in how successful they are within their job.


4 Reasons Why an Automated Hiring Process Will Help Your Company

Posted by  Megan Why

hiring-funnelYour company may be in the position where they are thinking of moving from a manual hiring process to an automated one. You may struggle to see the advantages, especially if your current, tried and true, process is working. When thinking about automating your process, here are some reasons that an automated process will help to make your hiring process and job more effective.

1. Less labor intensive  A manual process is more labor intensive than an automated one. If you have people screening resumes and making phone calls, this can be very time consuming. If you are in a high volume hiring situation, this could be one (or more) person’s full time job. They are likely reviewing resumes or applications and calling people to make appointments. When automating your process, you let the system do this work for you. It can screen people on criteria and automatically schedule them for appointments all while your staff is working on other important tasks.


Will an Assessment Center Help Your Company Make Better Hires?

Posted by  Paul Glatzhofer

assessment-selectionThere are many options available for companies who are looking to bolster their hiring processes. One option is to implement an “assessment center”. Though assessment centers are developed based on the measuring the unique knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for successful job performance in a particular organization, they typically have some common traits. Most assessment centers are conducted in-person. They often require candidates to go through several different exercises, usually including an interview or a role play scenario. They often require some sort of data integration to combine information gathered in each step of the assessment center. While assessment centers can provide valuable information about candidates, there are some challenges associated with implementing an assessment center.


One Way to Minimize Hiring Costs: Do More

Posted by  John Fernandez, Ph.D.

HR-HiringMany companies today are looking to simplify and streamline their staffing practices in order to minimize the cost and inefficiencies associated with hiring. When thinking about how to make their staffing processes more efficient, many leaders are aware that implementing pre-hire assessment tools can reduce time spent by the hiring team evaluating job candidates while at the same time improve hiring decisions for relatively little cost.

However, these benefits to implementing pre-hire assessments are only possible if the assessment tool is effectively evaluating the skills and capabilities needed for success in the target job. The list of skills and capabilities to assess should be identified by doing a job analysis, which then informs how assessment tools should be configured for the target jobs.


10 Signs Your Company Needs Employee Assessments

Posted by  Lindsey Burke

10-SignIf we’ve learned anything in 2014, it’s that people like lists. In particular, people like lists of signs, reasons, and happenings that educate them on things they might not know about themselves or others. Therefore, we wanted to give the people what they like: We’ve concocted a list of signs that can help you diagnose whether your company needs pre-employment assessment solutions. The numbers do not indicate importance, and there most certainly are other factors that affect the need for pre-employment assessment solutions. We’ve dwindled the list down to 10, and each sign to why your company should be doing itself a favor by investing in pre-employment assessment solutions.


The Top 8 HR Blogs

Posted by  Mark Rogers

179922068I spend a lot of time learning from and reading HR blogs. There is so much information out there about hiring, recruiting, and human resources in general, and I love learning about it. As I was perusing some of my favorite blogs today, I realized that some other people should know about these blogs too.

For that reason, I decided to compile a list of my favorite HR related blogs. All of them have different perspectives and focus areas. Some focus solely on hiring, some on all aspects of HR, and others on the employee side of HR. So check them all out. I think you’ll find them as useful as I do. By the way, I put the list in alphabetical order so that there isn’t any fighting amongst the bloggers about who is best.



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