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Twelve Tips of Seasonal Hiring (Part 2)

Posted by Bekah Regan

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hiring-candidateAs we have mentioned before, this time of the year is BUSY. However, just because you are short on time does not mean you should save time by hiring every candidate that comes across your desk. You still want to ensure you are hiring the best of the best especially during the busiest time of the year! As we know, recruiting that top candidate can take some time.

Tip number five is to streamline the screening process.

Sorting through applications to determine what candidates meet your criteria for a seasonal position can be overwhelming; especially during a season when you just don’t have time to spare. To make your screening process more efficient, you can move your application online. Online applications are easier to filter and search through than paper applications, and they take up a lot less space! Applicants without computer or internet access at home can also complete these applications at a public library, employment office, or even onsite at your organization.

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Twelve Tips of Seasonal Hiring (Part 1)

Posted by Amber Thomas

helpful-hiring-tipsWhen we think about this time of year, the word that comes to mind most often is BUSY. There’s a hustle and bustle in November and December that is second to none. For our clients in retail and distribution centers, the cheer and spirit of the season is coupled with stress and exhaustion around hiring seasonal or temporary employees to help with the extra lifting. It’s tempting to consider these employees distinct from your direct hire or full-time workforce, especially when it comes to your selection process. However, there are several considerations to keep in mind when vetting and onboarding these individuals. To help you think through the key issues at play we’ve compiled 12 days of seasonal hiring tips spread across 3 blog posts. Who knows, these might just be the best gifts you get all year!

Our first tip is to plan ahead.

Selecting and hiring the best talent is likely mission critical in your organization, but if you’re like most professionals, you may not have a ton of time to strategically plan for these efforts. Given the high cost of turnover, we recommend making the time for a few key considerations up front.

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5 Ways to Ensure You'll Hire Bad Employees

Posted by Alissa Parr, Ph.D.

ThumbsDownIn our blogs, we often talk about best practices and standards for hiring good employees. All of these standards can be overwhelming and, when pressed for time, we often fall prey to what is easy, cost efficient, and familiar. However, what is easy, cost efficient, and familiar may not be in your best interest. Instead, they often lead to bad decisions down the road. And so, here are five ways to ensure that you’ll hire bad employees:

  1. Not conducting a job analysis. If you wanted to buy a car, would you purchase a car without researching about cars and thinking about what elements of a car are most important to you? I wouldn’t. This is a very similar situation. However, the investment you make in a new hire is potentially much greater than the investment you’d make in a car. A job analysis will provide you information about what skills are most important for the job so you can assess candidates on these skills. Not only should you conduct a job analysis at the outset, but it’s also important to conduct another job analysis if the target position has changed or if it has been awhile since it was last completed. Not conducting a job analysis can set you up for selecting a candidate who isn’t the right fit for the position and also for legal troubles.

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A Validated Assessment is Like a Life Insurance Policy

Posted by Brian Dishman

153437909Several weeks ago I had a meeting with a group of hiring managers for a large manufacturing organization. Their company’s leadership had made the decision to implement a screening tool into their entry-level hiring process. This particular selection instrument was a carefully designed employee assessment by Select International’s Research and Development team. Our team of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists developed an assessment that measures several job relevant risk factors commonly associated with a broad range of industrial jobs. These risk factors are typically found in manufacturing, construction, mining, and similar fields that require physical activity in which employee safety is an important factor.

One of my goals during this hiring manager meeting was to educate the participants on the assessment and gain their buy-in. Although their leadership had already green lit the implementation of this selection process improvement, it was important to get the commitment of the hiring managers. After all, they would be the ones tasked with implementing this change at their facilities. I shared the results of the job analysis that was completed within their organization that established the job relevancy of the factors the assessment measures. I shared with them some examples of successful outcomes from other similar companies that implemented the assessment. We reviewed some example items from the assessment. There was some healthy skepticism from some of the managers about what a person’s responses to specific items on the assessment has to do with being a good employee. 

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5 Ways to Use a GPS to Improve Hiring and Retention

Posted by Guest Blogger

178584733If you have ever used a global positioning system (GPS) or the map app on your mobile device, you know it can be extremely valuable to help you get to a new destination. Without a GPS there is greater risk of getting lost in unfamiliar areas or encountering delays that could be avoided from alerts provided by the apps and systems. Without these new devices and apps, we find ourselves having to return to familiar landmarks or being re-routed; both are a waste of valuable time and can be very frustrating.

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Five Tips to Help You Hire the Ideal Employee

Posted by Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

185609341If you’re like me, you’ve probably made some purchases simply based on the fact that the items “looked cool,” only to have them fall short of your needs soon after. It is human nature to be attracted to what's on the outside, but it often doesn’t make for good decisions. It’s important to look below the surface and peer inside at the way it works and the quality of the parts before making a final decision or commitment.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Doug Wolf

ThanksgivingWhat are you most thankful for today? It seems that we often forget that Thanksgiving is a day where you can step away from stress, and enjoy spending time with loved ones. Make sure you really take some time to enjoy that today.

What am I thankful for? I am thankful that I enjoy coming to work every day. Seriously, it’s thrilling to be greeted by happy people rather than grumpy faces. Why are we all so darn happy? It’s because we are proud of the work we do. We are proud to work with some amazing clients. At Select, we genuinely care about what one another’s success. We genuinely care about our clients’ successes. We genuinely care about the company’s success. So, this Thanksgiving, I genuinely thank all our employees, our clients, our vendors and our partners. I also wish that you eat a little too much, shop a little too much, and laugh a little too much this holiday season.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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Will a Technical Aptitude Test Solve all of Your Problems?

Posted by Alissa Parr, Ph.D.

457740707Let's say you're looking to hire someone in a skilled trade position who will need to operate machinery, and tools that require a significant amount of training to become familiar with. What do you do? Well, the logical solution is to do a resume screen to check for certifications in this particular trade and check for basic qualifications. The next logical solution is to have the candidate complete either a mechanical or technical aptitude test to ensure he/she has the requisite knowledge to perform the job successfully. That’s enough, right? Not always…

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Six Questions to Ask When Choosing an Employee Assessment Provider

Posted by Steven Jarrett, Ph.D.

QuestionsBig data, analytics, informed decision-making are all buzz words that are taking the business world by storm. Within this movement, of more informed decision-making, more and more companies are trying to get “smarter” about how they hire their new employees. This has led to an increase in the use of assessments to make hiring decisions. As with any demand, as their usage increases, the number of assessment vendors also increases. So, how can someone new to the assessment industry differentiate the quality vendors from the opportunistic vendors? Here are some questions that you should be asking all potential vendors to help you determine which company will provide the best solution for your organization.

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Gaining Buy-In for Your New Hiring Process

Posted by Alissa Parr, Ph.D.

hurdleOne of the biggest hurdles of implementing a new hiring process is preparing leaders and hiring managers for the changes ahead. Most people don’t like change, especially when they feel that the current process is working just fine. If they don’t see a reason for change, then they will be likely to resist the new process. If there is resistance, no tool, no matter how great it is, will work optimally. Consistency is critical for your hiring process. The more resistance, the more likely the system will be underutilized or utilized differently across individuals. As such, you need to make sure that everyone is accepting and trusting of the process so there is consistency and the tools are used in an optimal manner. Change management isn’t easy, but there are some steps that you can take to increase the acceptance of the change.

The first thing you need to do is create awareness and understanding. Tell leaders and hiring managers about the process ahead. What changes will be made? What’s the reason behind the change? Who will be impacted by these changes? How will this benefit the company and the employees? The goal of this process is to eliminate confusion and reduce any negative perceptions of the changes.

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