7 Qualities of Successful Leaders

Posted by  Paul Glatzhofer

A leader impacts an organization and his or her team by setting direction, inspiring others, developing staff, driving performance, and much more. This huge span of influence can determine the health of a company, so leader failure can have a detrimental impact. According to, over 50% of employees quit their jobs because of their managers, 30%-60% of leaders act destructively, and each failed leader can cost organizations $1-$2.7 million. 

The financial burden (consider the costs of selection, recruitment, onboarding, and training), in addition to the disruption of employee morale and public perceptions of the organization, is the reason organizations should ensure proper leader selection and development. This infographic outlines seven qualities, like emotional intelligence, learning agility, and influence, that leaders should have to be successful in their roles. 

7 Qualities of Successful Leaders


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Research has shown that the most effective leaders have more competence in emotional intelligence. Check out this whitepaper to find out why EQ is important in the selection and development of your leaders. 

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Paul Glatzhofer

Paul is Select International’s Director of Leadership Solutions. He works primarily with organizations that are implementing global assessment systems focusing on leadership levels. Paul’s work includes project management, project implementation, job analysis, assessment validation, competency and skills validation, selection system design, applicant tracking, EEOC & OFCCP reporting, turnover and ROI analysis.

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