5 Things about Employee Assessments That Everyone Should Know

Posted by  Amber Thomas

assessment-test.jpgSo, you know a thing or two about employee assessments, how they can help create a productive and legally defensible hiring process, how they provide more data about the Joe Schmoe’s sending you resumes, and how they can make your life easier by narrowing down your candidate pool. But did you know that…

  1. Candidates are more honest on assessments than when talking to you. It’s true, not everyone likes to tell the truth about their prevalence for absenteeism, anti-social behaviors or theft but they’re more likely to admit to these behaviors on an assessment.

  2. Assessments are more objective than you are. We are creatures hard-wired for social interaction. This means that we all (to some degree or another) have subconscious preferences and attitudes towards different types of people. An assessment won’t tell you if your candidate’s a snappy dresser, but it can tell you about work-related competencies that correlate to success on the job.

  3. You shouldn’t pigeon-hole an assessment. You may be used to using pre- employment assessments only for entry level positions or for manufacturing jobs, but assessments are being used in a wide variety of industries and positions. The nurse who takes your temperature or the Vice President of your division may have been selected using an assessment designed to assess their personality, business acumen or even their safety orientation.

  4. Assessments can speak your language. With proper development and testing assessments can be translated into any language while still measuring the same competencies. What’s more, research has found that candidates have similar reactions to assessments across different cultures and countries.

  5. Pre-employment assessments can share your vision. Is innovation important to your company culture? Would you like to bring in new employees that can function in a fast-paced work environment? Your selection assessment can measure those competencies that are critical to the success of your organization and decrease the number of candidates that aren’t going to contribute to meeting your organizations vision.

Now that we’re both on the same page, I’m sure that you can understand why we’re so passionate about assessments at Select International!

Reducing Turnover and Absenteeism for Bottom-Line Benefits

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Amber Thomas

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