Select International's SIOP 2012 Presentations

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We're excited to be back at SIOP this year.  We're back and with more presentations than last year!  Check out some of the awesome topics we'll cover:

THURSDAY, April 26

1:00pm, Delmar AB:

The Modified Compensatory Approach to Competency Weighting and Setting Cutoff Scores    

2:00pm, Betsy BC:

Understanding Applicant/Incumbent Response Patterns across Organizational Levels  

4:30pm, Betsy BC:

Explaining and Predicting Non-Invariance Across Cultures Using Cultural Uncertainty Avoidance          

10:30am, Douglas Pavilion BCD:

Newcomer performance adjustment in teams: Experiential predictors

11:30am, America’s Cup AB:

Importance of team gender composition when using complex psychomotor tasks

FRIDAY, April 27

8:00am, Elizabeth C:

Does Proctoring Impact Measurement Methods Differently? An Evaluation in a High Stakes Testing Environment.     

8:30am, Annie AB:

Global I-O: Developing an International Curriculum

12:00pm, Ford AB:

Are High-Fidelity Multitasking Simulations More Than Just a Pretty Face?               

5:00pm, Madeline AB:

Cultural Equivalence of a Global Situational Judgment Test          

3:30pm, Gregory AB:

Alternate Methodologies for Assessing Culture Fit in the Applied Realm               

10:30am, Betsy BC:

Renorming and Custom Norming: How, When, and Why?            

11:30am, Douglas Pavilion BCD:

When agreement indices do not agree: Faultlines and climate perceptions               

2:00pm, Douglas Pavilion BCD:

Revisiting a questionnaire-based approach to team task analysis.             

SATURDAY, April 28

11:30am, Douglas Pavilion BCD:

Location, Location, Location? Chosen Testing Location and Differential Test Performance.   

11:30am, Douglas Pavilion BCD:

Going Beyond Personality: The Development and Validation of a Multi-Method Integrity Measure         

11:30am, Douglas Pavilion BCD:

Going Native? Test Development and Adaptation for Papua New Guinea.               

11:30am, Douglas Pavilion BCD:

Simulate the Job: Predicting Accidents Using a Work Sample.     

1:30pm, Emma C:

Faking and Personality Testing

11:30am, Douglas Pavilion BCD:

The effectiveness of three techniques for detecting faking          

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