SIOP Conference Trends and Employee Selection

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Well, the 2012 Society for Industrial/Organization Psychology (SIOP) annual conference has come and gone.  We are proud of our team for exceeding the number of presentations given last year and, although our schedule was full, we were able to attend many sessions.  As usual, there were many interesting topics presented and discussed by I/O psychologists.  However two themes seemed to really stand out and both of them have received a lot of attention the past several SIOP conferences.

Technology and Employee Assessments

At the 2011 SIOP conference, the following three technology topics were discussed:

This year one more technology topic could be added to the list.  As the advantages of using technology in selection processes are increasingly identified, the demand to integrate between assessment vendor and applicant tracking systems has also increased.  Consequently, the implementation times will shorten, the level of data detail than can be shared across systems will increase, and assessments will need to be able to be completed on mobile devices.

It has become vital for providers of assessment and selection solutions to maintain a high level of customer focus and flexibility with regard to technology in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Law and the Selection Process

Continuing the trend of the past few years, there is ever increasing legal scrutiny of selection processes.  Jaquelyn Berrian, the Director of the EEOC, emphasized the point that last year the EEOC received the largest volume of claims ever (over 100,000).  She affirmed the EEOC’s mission is not to lessen discrimination in the workplace, but to eliminate it. 

More and more employers are relying on the expertise of Industrial/Organizational psychologists to ensure legally defensible hiring processes are being utilized.

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