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Posted by  Bart Costello

If you know me personally, you have undoubtedly heard me say, “I hit the lottery” when referring to working at Select International. I had an idea of what I wanted to do when I Select heartgraduated college, but I never took into account just how important a company’s culture and work environment could be. Not only do you need to like your job, you need to feel comfortable and happy in your work environment. Luckily, I have never had to experience a poor work environment and as for the culture, I wouldn’t change a thing about what we’re doing at Select.
About a week ago, we had the Pittsburgh Business Times in our corporate offices here in Pittsburgh to take photos of the outstanding culture we have at Select International. The photos were taken as part of the Pittsburgh Business Times 2012 Best Places to Work finalist rankings, a real testament to the culture, organization, and the family environment our owners and senior leaders have built here at Select. Having an overall good company culture helps with workplace rentention, which is something every company strives for.
While this ranking is obviously very gratifying for our organization, it is no surprise to us why we were chosen as a finalist. The staff loves working here; it’s kind of our ‘thing.’
Helping organizations build award winning cultures is part of everyday life here at Select International. Whether it is selecting top-talent that fits a specific cultural mold, developing high-performers, or creating a cultural roadmap to get organizations to where they want, or need, to be, it is safe to say that we practice what we preach.

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Bart Costello

Bart Costello is a Business Development Manager with Select International. His expertise includes talent selection, employee/leader development, talent management, and safety culture transformation. Bart helps his clients solve business needs by applying the science of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

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