What is the Workflex Bill and How Does it Affect Your Organization?

Posted by  Vicki Marlan

workflex bill

A recent House bill introduced by California Representative Mimi Walters could affect how businesses provide paid leave and flexible work options to employees. If enacted into law, the current “Workflex in the 21st Century Act” would amend the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 to “to establish a voluntary workflex option under which employers who provide flexible workplace arrangement plans that include a combination of paid leave and flexible work options are exempt from certain state and local laws regarding employee benefits.”


3 Ways Positive Leadership Can Make Your Organization More Effective

Posted by  Trevor McGlochlin

positive leadership

Leadership has so many important facets. One of those is attitude. When a leader has a positive outlook and mindset he or she can create effective change on multiple crucial organizational outcomes. This attitude can be contagious and spread quickly creating a culture of positivity, loyalty, and trust. I’ve highlighted three ways that positive leaders can make an organization more effective.


Strengthen Manager-Employee Relationships With These 3 Initiatives

Posted by  Lindsey Burke

manager-employee relationship

You may have heard the old saying, employees don’t leave their jobs, they leave their bosses. If you think turnover is all due to better-paying jobs and benefits, think again. Turnover is a multi-faceted topic. Several factors make up why a person will turn over. However, some factors pull more weight than others for why someone will turnover. One of those factors is an employee’s perceived relationship with their supervisor. One’s perceived relationship with a supervisor can revolve around several factors such as respect, friendliness, trust, and support. Below, we will discuss three areas where companies should focus their efforts to improve manager-employee relationships and retention stats.


Here's how a Mobile-First Design can Affect Employee Assessments

Posted by  Jessica Petor

mobile-first employee assessments-1

The age of taking assessments and applying for jobs using paper and pencil is long gone. Candidates expect to take assessments and apply for jobs using any device they want, which has put many organizations in a tough spot when it comes to offering assessments, especially if the assessment was designed to be taken on a traditional PC or laptop.


How 3 Dark Personality Traits can Affect Job Performance

Posted by  Alli Besl, Ph.D.

dark personality traits affect job performance-200556-edited

Personality measurement in pre-employment assessment is a commonly accepted practice. Over time, there are certain personality characteristics that have been consistently linked to higher levels of job performance, like conscientiousness, for example. However, there are other personality traits or characteristics that are often shown to negatively impact performance on the job. One such set of characteristics is referred to as the “dark triad.”


Close the Skills Gap with an International Candidate Search

Posted by  Emma Graf

 international candidate search


Returnships, Rewards, and More Creative Sourcing Strategies

Posted by  Amy Barnes

creative sourcing strategies

The changing labor market is affecting the way that many companies approach sourcing strategies, recruitment, and selection. 60% of U.S. employers have job openings that stay vacant for 12 weeks or longer, based on a survey in 2017 by CareerBuilder. In the survey, HR managers say that the average cost from having extended job vacancies is $800,000 or more annually. So, it’s clearly important to stay in front of these changes with a unique approach to sourcing and hiring. Here are some creative strategies you can add to your recruitment process to help fill positions with the right candidates.


7 Benefits of a Good Succession Planning Process

Posted by  Paul Glatzhofer

Most organizations have realized the importance of hiring, developing, engaging, and retaining their leadership talent – no surprises there. They have also found value in using an objective and reliable measurement method to identify leadership and high potential talent.


Recruiting Strategies to Attract Passive Candidates in the Workforce

Posted by  Lindsey Burke

Recruiting Strategies to Attract Passive Candidates in the Workforce

In a recent talent solutions report, LinkedIn took a look at trends emerging around recruitment strategies. Some trends were not surprising to see, such as employee referrals being the number one reason individuals discover new jobs. We all know someone who knows someone who knows someone who got them an interview at a company. Another unsurprising finding is the importance of compensation and work-life balance in terms of candidates actually accepting a job. The importance and value placed on these factors will always be at the top.


3 Tips to Create a More Effective Virtual Team

Posted by  Trevor McGlochlin

virtual team

Virtual teams are becoming the norm in the workplace today. In a recent survey of virtual teams, results by RW3 Technologies stated that corporate teams are now almost entirely virtual. In 2012 they reported that 33% of respondents said more than half of their teams include members from other nations. In 2014 that number grew to 41% and then to 48% in 2016. The trend is clear that teams are becoming more international. The cost of in-person meetings simply doesn’t makes fiscal sense, so we see virtual teams as a certain future in the corporate world. Perhaps the most alarming statistic found in their results was that only 22% of respondents have participated in virtual team training. Though virtual teams are ubiquitous, it appears few are being provided with the skills and training needed to be successful in a virtual working environment. I’ve provided three tips to create the most effective virtual team that are a good starting point to build a strong foundation for an effective virtual team.


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