Long Term vs. Short Term Sales Success: What Drives Performance?

Posted by  Paul Glatzhofer

Organizations that have taken the plunge and started using personality, situational judgment, and/or cognitive ability assessments in their hiring processes have seen great return on their investment. Not only are these organizations able to focus their hiring attention on those candidates who truly have the necessary skills and abilities for the job, but they have also hired candidates who learn quicker, sell more and turnover less frequently.156752764 sales success


A is for Awareness and Accident Prevention

Posted by  Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

In a previous blog, we talked about how Staying in control is related to your safety. People who have control over their life and emotions are much more likely to avoid accidents and incidents.  However, as we’ve been discussing, that is only part of the equation.  If you are not also Aware of your surroundings, you can still get hurt. People who have higher Awareness are more likely to prevent safety issues before they occur. There are three factors that contribute to this Awareness:


Select International's SIOP 2012 Presentations

Posted by  TJ Muehlfeld

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Are All Types of Employee Assessments Alike?

Posted by  Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

Are all employee assessments alike?  The short answer is a resounding no.  There are many kinds of assessment tools available for use.  The right assessments can greatly increase the accuracy and efficiency of your hiring decisions but finding the right assessments can be a challenge of its own.  Below are some of the top types of employee assessments used for hiring:

Types of Employee Assessments:


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