Do Your Goals Motivate and Engage Your Employees?

Posted by  Cassandra Walter

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The new year is here, and that means it’s time to set new goals – new year, new goals. Setting goals is a great and efficient way to engage your employees. It gives them direction and motivation as well as a clear frame of reference for success. However, not all goals are created equally. Some goals are more motivating than others. Below are four recommendations for how you can set motivating goals for your employees.


How to Maintain Employee Engagement through a Stressful Holiday Season

Posted by  Cassandra Walter

iStock-626701138.jpgThe Holidays are meant for celebrating with your friends and family. They’re meant for lots of fun and laughs and the occasional overeating. However, the holiday season can also cause a lot of stress for your employees. One study conducted by Accenture found that 66% of respondents reported additional work stress during the holidays. During this time, they are facing multiple stressors from different facets of life. At work, they’re dealing with short timelines and year-end deadlines. At home, they are swiftly buying and wrapping gifts, while also anxiously preparing for their in-laws to visit. Oh, and let’s not forget that the holiday and flu seasons seem to correspond with one another. Adding all these stressors together leads to the perfect formula for overly stressed and/or burnt out employees.


1 Tip from a CEO: Empower and Engage Your Employees

Posted by  Doug Wolf


Not to boast (well, maybe just a little), but we have a great company culture at Select International. We have the "Best Place to Work" awards to prove it. Recently, I was thanked by one of our employees for helping to sustain it. As wonderful as it felt to receive this compliment, everyone at the company plays a crucial role in ensuring Select International remains a great place to work. Our leadership team empowers each employee to take an active role in making our culture what it is today.


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