4 Things HR Experts Should Know About the Manufacturing Industry

Posted by  Trevor McGlochlin

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HR experts across industries understand that there are important and unique aspects of the HR world specific to each industry. This post will focus on four areas of the manufacturing world that HR leaders, hiring managers, and executive leaders in the industry should strive to have a solid basic knowledge of to give their organization a stronger foundation and a better future.


Should You Discipline Employees Who Violate Safety Regulations?

Posted by  Craig White

health-safety.jpgWhen organizations place their employees in danger by violating safety regulations, they are subject to heavy fines and legal action, but what happens when an incident occurs due to an employee not following safety rules without the employer’s knowledge? Does the organization still pay worker’s comp, are they still fined for the violation, and do they have any recourse? Unfortunately, because every incident involves unique circumstances, there is no clear answer to these questions. However, it is important that we understand the rights of all parties involved and what steps employers can and should take before and after such incidents occur.


How a Hiring Process Can Improve Employee Performance [Case Study]

Posted by  Mark Rogers

employee-selection-1Improving safety and employee performance should be high on the to-do list for almost every company in America and with good reason. Unfortunately, it’s much easier said than done. Companies struggle every day to improve in both of these areas. Even industry giants like DuPont have safety issues – they were recently cited by OSHA for a number of safety violations. If you run a company, large or small, and want to improve safety and employee performance, where do you start?

A leading manufacturer recently decided to make improving the quality of its workforce and reducing safety incidents a major initiative. Not that this company had any major safety incidents, but they always strive to improve. Management decided to tackle this situation from all angles, and they started with the hiring process.


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