6 Ways Healthcare Hiring is Different from Other Industries

Posted by  Bryan Warren

When we work with our healthcare partners, how do we tailor our approach?  In some respects it is very similar to what we do in any industry – identify key traits and competencies and configure selection tools that will predict which candidates will succeed.

In fact, as hospitals look to other industries for solutions to their challenges, like adopting 'lean' management approaches, we have the advantage of applying what we’ve learned in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and customer service sectors.  Certainly our approach to legal defensibility remains the same.  (And is more important than ever as the OFCCP seeks to confirm its jurisdiction over hospitals).


Top 3 Ways to Get Sued

Posted by  Adam Hilliard

One of the most frequent questions I come across when telling people I specialize in helping companies establish ‘legally defensible hiring practices’ is “…why do companies get sued?”  If you scour legal texts, you’ll see that lawsuits have been filed for anything and everything under the sun, most of which get defeated.  However, if you want to make people like me pull my hair out, there are certain procedures that almost certainly result in a successful claim.  So with this, I give you the Top 3 Ways to Get Sued.


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