3 Ways to Use HR Metrics to Create Positive Change

Posted by  Trevor McGlochlin

hr metrics for positive change

Overall employee turnover, early turnover, time to fill, quality of hire, candidate experience, cost per hire, time till promotion, engagement rating, absenteeism, training spent per employee, diversity/EEOC, healthcare cost per employee, hiring manager satisfaction, selection ratio...these are just some of the metrics to be tracked in the world of Human Resources.


What Can Personality Really Tell Us About Job Candidates?

Posted by  Jaclyn Menendez

selection system

If you’re new to the field of selection, you might be wondering why assessing for personality is a common tool used in the hiring process. While most selection systems will also include other steps in their process as well, assessing personality is almost always recommended at some stage of your process. Here are the main reasons why.


What Makes a Great Leader? It Depends On Your Organization

Posted by  Trevor McGlochlin

iStock-637080884.jpgThere is more to a job than just winning. A great example of a leader who came to that realization is David Blatt. In January of 2016, Blatt was coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team of the NBA. In the middle of the season, while his team was leading the Eastern Conference with an impressive record of 30-11 (30 wins and 11 losses), he was fired. The general manager, David Griffin, explained that the separation was due to a lack of fit. A coach who performs at the highest level and is successful based on, arguably, the most important objective metric in professional sports (wins), can still lose his job. Maybe winning isn’t everything after all.


3 Common Candidate Frustrations in the Hiring Process

Posted by  Vicki Marlan

common frustrations in your hiring processMany of Select International’s clients are in an enviable situation from a hiring perspective; they are the employer of choice in their area, or they have thousands of applicants for a small number of job openings. Under these circumstances, organizations are interested in utilizing hiring processes that facilitate an easier review of large volumes of applicants. However, streamlining internal intake procedures shouldn’t translate to making the process overly burdensome or less informative for candidates. Although organizations won’t be able to place all job applicants, it’s still in their best interest not to discourage candidates from applying or annoy them in the process. Sure, plenty of applications aren’t worth a thorough examination by the HR team, but there is a fine line between implementing job-relevant screening procedures and alienating the most talented job seekers due to stringent application requirements.


Can Assessing for Employee Integrity Reduce Absences & Poor Performance?

Posted by  Alli Besl, Ph.D.

iStock-476787224.jpgAt Select International we are always focused on continually improving our assessments. We are regularly developing new content and item types to better and more accurately measure the competencies important to employers. A recent outcome of these developmental efforts is a new measure of integrity that has been incorporated into some of our existing assessments. Specifically, we have added the Integrity measure to the Select Assessment for Customer Service®, among others, for some of our clients.


The Success of the Spurs and Your Hiring Process

Posted by  Eli Castruita

Many teams in the NBA look to the San Antonio Spurs as the model of success.  They have recorded the best winning percentage of any team in the four major sports over the last 16 years and they made it to their fifth NBA Finals this year!  During those 16 years the Spurs organization has twice been named the best franchise in professional sports and been ranked the top NBA franchise six times in the annual ESPN The Magazine Ultimate Standing Survey.


Keeping Top Talent at Your Company Isn’t All About Luck

Posted by  Amber Thomas


Select International's SIOP 2012 Presentations

Posted by  TJ Muehlfeld

Follow us @select_intl to get up to date coverage on everything SIOP 2012!.


Job Candidate Reaction to Healthcare Employee Assessments

Posted by  Bryan Warren

Structured selection tools have been used for decades in many industries.  If properly designed and used, they improve quality, reduce turnover, reduce injuries and enhance legal defensibility.


Healthcare Hiring: 8 Questions a Physician Should Ask You During an Interview

Posted by  Bryan Warren

In an interesting twist in healthcare hiring, we now have physicians seeking advice on how to “select” their employer.  They realize that the financial success and the personal satisfaction of their career will depend, to a large extent, on choosing the right situation.  They come out of residency poorly prepared to evaluate potential practice settings, be they with a group or a hospital.  Not surprisingly, a few years into their career, they often discover that it is not what they were looking for and they are back to square one.  This is not the sort of career uncertainty they envisioned when they entered the medical profession.


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