Why You Shouldn't Write Off Job Hoppers in the Hiring Process

Posted by  Jessica Petor

job hoppers in the hiring processAs a recruiter, HR pro, or hiring manager, you're sent resume after resume, day after day, with the goal of finding the best of the best. Sifting through piles (or...files) of resumes can be daunting. To make reasonably quick decisions, you may rely on some quick screening tools: red flags. Some of these red flags may warrant some concern (like spelling errors, which can indicate a lack of attention to detail), but there is one red flag I think hiring managers should reconsider: the dreaded job hopper.

Job hopping has become a more visible problem lately because it’s been linked to the bad reputations of millennials. Companies may be screening out awesome candidates simply because they’ve hopped to and from a few jobs. Well, I’m here to tell you why you should consider giving job hoppers a chance!


3 Common Candidate Frustrations in the Hiring Process

Posted by  Vicki Marlan

common frustrations in your hiring processMany of Select International’s clients are in an enviable situation from a hiring perspective; they are the employer of choice in their area, or they have thousands of applicants for a small number of job openings. Under these circumstances, organizations are interested in utilizing hiring processes that facilitate an easier review of large volumes of applicants. However, streamlining internal intake procedures shouldn’t translate to making the process overly burdensome or less informative for candidates. Although organizations won’t be able to place all job applicants, it’s still in their best interest not to discourage candidates from applying or annoy them in the process. Sure, plenty of applications aren’t worth a thorough examination by the HR team, but there is a fine line between implementing job-relevant screening procedures and alienating the most talented job seekers due to stringent application requirements.


3 Ways Successful Companies Ace Manufacturing Hiring for Expansions

Posted by  Eli Castruita

manufacturing hiring for expansions.jpg


3 Common Challenges to High Volume Hiring and How to Overcome Them

Posted by  Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

high volume hiring challengesDuring high volume hiring projects, HR pros face some unique challenges. Developing an effective and efficient hiring process is not easy, and being tasked with hiring hundreds or thousands of employees in a time crunch presents its own set of unique challenges. This is particularly true for entry-level positions within industries such as manufacturing, distribution centers, and call centers. In this blog, we’ll discuss three areas where human resources personnel could struggle as they work to complete a high volume hiring project.


Make High Volume Hiring More Efficient With This Checklist

Posted by  Jaclyn Menendez

high volume hiring efficiency checklist

No matter how profitable your business is, no organization can afford to waste time - especially during a time of high volume hiring. This is particularly true during the hiring process: not only does inefficiency mean that you’ll lose out on candidates, it also spells disaster for your own productivity. Many teams think that they’ve mastered the art of hiring, but in our experience, almost every organization has room to improve. Take a glance through our checklist of best practices and compare it to your own process. Where do you see overlap with your own systems, and where do you see an opportunity to become more efficient?


4 Tricks to Tackle High-Volume Hiring for Expansions

Posted by  Jaclyn Menendez

If you’ve ever been involved in high-volume hiring project, then you’re no stranger to the urgency and intensity of the hiring demands. You might be finding a lack of candidates with the skill sets needed to continue to drive revenue or have a massive amount of applications to process in a short time. Your HR team is likely spread thin, you may be growing at unpredictable rates, and you need to move quickly to find top talent and keep them interested.

high volume hiring for expansions.jpg

If you can relate to these scenarios, have no fear. We have a few tips to help you keep your sanity and tackle high-volume hiring during times of growth and expansion.

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High-Volume Hiring in a Tight Labor Market - What You Need to Know

Posted by  Rose Keith

As of last month, the national unemployment rate was 4.3%, which is the lowest it’s been in a decade. According to ManpowerGroup Inc.’s most recent employer confidence quarterly survey, we will be seeing a healthy pace of job creation in Q3 of this year. With such a low unemployment rate, employers are having difficulty filling the jobs they’re creating. Furthermore, the competitive labor market is leading to an increase in turnover which only exacerbates the issue. This is particularly true in manufacturing settings, where the traditional workforce is either uninterested in entry-level manufacturing work or under qualified for the skilled positions needed.



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