Will an Assessment Center Help Your Company Make Better Hires?

Posted by  Paul Glatzhofer

assessment-selectionThere are many options available for companies who are looking to bolster their hiring processes. One option is to implement an “assessment center”. Though assessment centers are developed based on the measuring the unique knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for successful job performance in a particular organization, they typically have some common traits. Most assessment centers are conducted in-person. They often require candidates to go through several different exercises, usually including an interview or a role play scenario. They often require some sort of data integration to combine information gathered in each step of the assessment center. While assessment centers can provide valuable information about candidates, there are some challenges associated with implementing an assessment center.


The Volume Hiring Process 201: Best Practices For Hiring Assessments

Posted by  Danielle Desko

Hiring a large number of employees quickly is never an easy task even when you have a well-formulated hiring process in place. Fortunately, this task is much more manageable when you have a well-planned, efficient hiring system to help you sort through potential employees to help select the candidates that will impact your company the most. As we covered in our previous post in this series, the first step in the volume hiring process is an automated, online job application system. 478055159


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