How to Conduct Better Interviews in the Current Job Market

Posted by  Megan Why


As recruiters and HR professionals, your jobs certainly haven't gotten any easier over the last few months with the low unemployment rate and stable job climate. While these aspects make this a positive time for the country and the economy, when you make your living by hiring the best employees for your organization, your job just got tougher. Many organizations are struggling to find candidates to fill open positions and often look to the hiring process for ways to help get people in the door more quickly and efficiently. This is a great time to make your process more effective in this changing job climate. 


4 Reasons That You Absolutely Need a Consistent Hiring Process

Posted by  Brian Dishman

hiring-processStandardized work is one of the fundamental building blocks of a lean manufacturing process. It should be the initial building block of a lean hiring process. Any good manufacturing Quality Manager understands that you cannot guarantee quality without a standard procedure in place to ensure consistency of the process. As a human resources consultant, I am frequently surprised by the number companies that lack defined, standardized hiring processes. Many companies rely on their hiring managers to devise their own interviews and simple tests for evaluating the job candidates to fill open positions within their team. There are serious flaws with this approach. Below are four reasons that a standardized candidate evaluation process leads to higher quality hires:


Talent Acquisition: Do You Have a Lean Process?

Posted by  John Mirtich

The concept of “Lean” is based on the principles of increasing efficiency, decreasing waste, and using 471795821empirical methods to decide what matters, rather than uncritically accepting pre-existing ideas.  These same principles in manufacturing can and should be applied to talent acquisition in any industry!  As a matter of fact, if you take a closer look at the key attributes of the lean philosophy, the similarities between lean manufacturing and lean talent acquisition are quite surprising.

Primary goals of a lean process include: improving quality, eliminating waste, reducing activity time and reducing total costs. 


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