What is the Workflex Bill and How Does it Affect Your Organization?

Posted by  Vicki Marlan

workflex bill

A recent House bill introduced by California Representative Mimi Walters could affect how businesses provide paid leave and flexible work options to employees. If enacted into law, the current “Workflex in the 21st Century Act” would amend the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 to “to establish a voluntary workflex option under which employers who provide flexible workplace arrangement plans that include a combination of paid leave and flexible work options are exempt from certain state and local laws regarding employee benefits.”


5 Common Themes of the Best Companies to Work, According to Employees

Posted by  Cassandra Walter

best places to work

It’s no secret that in today’s economy, it’s crucial to be an employer of choice. It’s a candidate’s market, so in order to hire top talent, you need to be a top company – somewhere that people want to work. Recently, Fortune partnered with Great Place to Work to determine the 100 Best Companies to Work For.  Over 315,000 employees provided feedback to determine the winners of the 2018 list. Below are some of the common themes among the companies that made them great.


Understanding Workplace Bullying Tactics and Dynamics

Posted by  Guest Blogger, PeopleHR

workplace bullying tactics and dynamics

Bullying has unfortunately become part of the workplace culture and is tolerated by many institutions throughout the world. The survey conducted by the American Workplace Bullying Institute in 2017 shows that 19% of Americans have suffered abusive conduct at work; another 19% have witnessed it; 69% are aware that workplace bullying happens. To get to grips with this problem we need to be able to recognize bullying tactics and understand its dynamics.


3 Ways to Use HR Metrics to Create Positive Change

Posted by  Trevor McGlochlin

hr metrics for positive change

Overall employee turnover, early turnover, time to fill, quality of hire, candidate experience, cost per hire, time till promotion, engagement rating, absenteeism, training spent per employee, diversity/EEOC, healthcare cost per employee, hiring manager satisfaction, selection ratio...these are just some of the metrics to be tracked in the world of Human Resources.


Organizations Thrive When Leaders Trust Their Employees

Posted by  Doug Wolf


You can tell me what to do or how to do it, but not both. That’s a phrase I live by. It guides how I delegate and how I encourage others to delegate at Select International.

Micromanagers perplex me. First, absolutely no one enjoys working for a micromanager. Second, how is being a micromanager rewarding or productive?


How to Close the Skills Gap using Culture and Manufacturing Hiring

Posted by  Brett Gatesman


Millennials and the overall topic of generational differences have become common conversation topics in nearly all workplaces looking to hire. This should make sense, since job candidate pools are now largely composed of Millennials and Gen Z. So if a company has a vacancy, chances are a Millennial will fill that role. For several industries, this does not necessarily create additional difficulty in hiring, although for manufacturers and other trades, it can be more challenging.


How to be an Employer of Choice: 4 Strategies

Posted by  Cassandra Walter


When you're an employer of choice, job candidates are eager to work for you. Given the opportunity, candidates will choose to work for your organization over others. Your top talent is staying with your organization rather than moving to another. With the unemployment rate so low in today’s job market, it is now more important than ever to be an employer of choice. Job applicants have more options. You want candidates and your top talent to see your organization as their number one option for employment.


What Makes a Great Leader? It Depends On Your Organization

Posted by  Trevor McGlochlin

iStock-637080884.jpgThere is more to a job than just winning. A great example of a leader who came to that realization is David Blatt. In January of 2016, Blatt was coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team of the NBA. In the middle of the season, while his team was leading the Eastern Conference with an impressive record of 30-11 (30 wins and 11 losses), he was fired. The general manager, David Griffin, explained that the separation was due to a lack of fit. A coach who performs at the highest level and is successful based on, arguably, the most important objective metric in professional sports (wins), can still lose his job. Maybe winning isn’t everything after all.


Why You Shouldn't Write Off Job Hoppers in the Hiring Process

Posted by  Jessica Petor

job hoppers in the hiring processAs a recruiter, HR pro, or hiring manager, you're sent resume after resume, day after day, with the goal of finding the best of the best. Sifting through piles (or...files) of resumes can be daunting. To make reasonably quick decisions, you may rely on some quick screening tools: red flags. Some of these red flags may warrant some concern (like spelling errors, which can indicate a lack of attention to detail), but there is one red flag I think hiring managers should reconsider: the dreaded job hopper.

Job hopping has become a more visible problem lately because it’s been linked to the bad reputations of millennials. Companies may be screening out awesome candidates simply because they’ve hopped to and from a few jobs. Well, I’m here to tell you why you should consider giving job hoppers a chance!


6 Things You Can Do To Be A "Best Place to Work"

Posted by  Jessica Petor

I recently read an article by Gallup on what high-quality job candidates look for in a company. An interesting takeaway from this article was that high-quality candidates are more likely to do their homework when searching for and considering the best places to work. Gallup has found that eight in ten U.S. adults who are open to a new job or who are actively seeking a job say they are at least somewhat more likely to apply to a company that has won a great workplace award. Coming from a “best place to work,” I have put some thought into what contributes to this coveted title.


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