How Can I Prove the Employee Assessment is Working? [Video]

Posted by  Ted Kinney, Ph.D.

prove employee assessment works

Understandably, clients often are tasked with proving the ROI of employee assessments. In this vlog, we start with a skit where the "client" asks a question we commonly receive:


The Top 10 Human Resources Articles of 2017

Posted by  Claire McCue


The overhaul of performance management, AI, the rise of the gig economy, HR and recruitment automation, prioritization of the candidate and employee experience, gamification, and millennials becoming the majority workforce are just a few of the changes that 2017 brought to the workplace.


Top Benefits You Should Prioritize to Retain Employees

Posted by  Claire McCue

In the current work climate, we’ve seen a shift away from our work lives being separate from personal lives; our work lives blend into our personal lives - and vice-versa - mainly due to technology advancements. While these technology advancements allow us to be effective in both our work and personal lives, they have also lead to a major trend toward finding the perfect “work-life balance.” A key to finding that balance is through the benefits that employers offer to employees.benefits to retain employees


Ask the Expert: How Can Candidates Perform Best on Employee Assessments?

Posted by  Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

candidate taking employee assessment


Don’t Settle: A Few Tips to Help You Find the Right Trades Workers

Posted by  Connie Gentry

Skilled_workersBig Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, aliens, and Skilled Trades Workers. What do they have in common? They all have unique traits and characteristics, and are extremely difficult to find! Just as the TV show investigators out on the hunt for these cryptids jump with excitement when they hear a sound in the woods in the middle of the night that “could be a Sasquatch (or a coyote!),” recruiters get just as excited when they’ve finally found a qualified electrician, machinist, or welder!

One of the reoccurring challenges that many of Select International’s manufacturing clients report is their struggle to find quality skilled trades workers. And they are not alone. In fact, it is a global problem. With the retirement of more and more baby boomers has come a large shortage of skilled trades workers. The projected forecast on the horizon for these jobs suggests that the skills gap is only likely to continue to get worse over time.


The Key to Success When Working with an Assessment Provider

Posted by  Carolyn Cosco

CommunicationDo you think communication is critical to your success? What about with your personal relationships, your family, your friends, your peers? OK, so that question was rhetorical. But what about with your providers of goods or services?

We work with many different sized organizations and the one thing I can say without question is that those who take an active role in working alongside their partners are much happier and have far better results than those who don’t.


Cyber Security: How Secure is Your Assessment Data?

Posted by  Chris Policicchio

SecurityWere you aware that October was “National Cyber Security Awareness Month”? Even though October has ended, our awareness for Cyber Security should remain high!! There are certainly lots of reminders in the news from password leaks, to data breaches, and even the hacking and exploiting of legacy security protocols.

Even with its own “awareness” month and constant (bad) news being reported, many of us still do not follow the basics when it comes to cyber / software / IT security. Therefore, I would encourage you to review, and use, these common suggestions to protect yourselves:


What's Our Secret? One Thing That Helps Make Us an Awesome Company

Posted by  Doug Wolf

462395627Here at Select, we constantly talk about company culture. Culture is at the heart of what we do – we help our client partners hire for cultural fit by identifying candidates who fit their organizational environment. Likewise, Select puts a great emphasis on cultural fit when we hire for our own open positions. We also look at other companies to see what they’re doing, and what makes their cultures the way they are. Recently, we’ve written about Google, Boston Brewing Company, and held a webinar with Sears about their culture.


Let's Talk: Are Workplace Personality Tests Fair?

Posted by  Kevin Klinvex

Everyone should read this article. It is an example of being able to take any topic and paint it as good or evil by selectively choosing data and quotes. A more honest title would have been - "Another Attempt to Discredit Personality Tests -This Time with an ADA Spin."

106533554A young man, Kyle Behm, was recently profiled in a WSJ article as a case study of all that’s wrong with pre-employment testing. Kyle, an engineering student, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which is a condition classified under the Americans with Disabilities Act. He applied for a job at 6 retailers and was screened out based on personality test data collected in each hiring process. Instead of assuming that Kyle is a poor fit for retail and perhaps a better fit for, oh let’s see, something related to engineering, his father filed complaints with the EEOC.


Happy Holidays from Select International

Posted by  Guest Blog

Happy Holidays!


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