The Top 5 Takeaways From SIOP 2016

Posted by  Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

SIOPSocial16.gifLast week was the 31st annual conference for the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Every year at this conference aspiring I/O psychologists, academics, and practitioners gather to share their research and discuss best practices. Select International had a large contingent of psychologists sharing their knowledge (with over 20 presentations) and attending sessions. We have pooled our knowledge and identified five big takeaways from the conference related to personnel selection and assessment.

1) Size Matters

When it comes to pre-employment assessments and mobile devices, screen size does matter for some types of assessments. Mobile testing has been a big topic of discussion for the past few years. This year, researchers continued to investigate different kinds of assessment methodologies to better understand if mobile candidates are being affected by the device. For simulations and items measuring cognitive ability, the research is consistently pointing in the direction of “YES.” In general, the findings suggest for sections that measure problem solving, analysis, and processing speed, candidates are performing worse as a result of the device (smaller screens are one of the factors contributing to the decline). Given the link between diversity and mobile devices, it’s important for organizations to be aware of their assessment content and the devices candidates are using.


Mobile Assessment: The Horses Have Left the Barn

Posted by  Matthew O'Connell, Ph.D.

SIOPNext month at SIOP’s (the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology) annual conference in Philadelphia, my colleagues, Dr. Winfred Arthur, Jr. from Texas A&M University, Dr. Dennis Doverspike from the University of Akron, and I will be presenting a pre-conference workshop. The focus of the workshop is on the state of mobile testing for selection purposes. The title of the workshop is entitled, Mobile Assessment: The Horses Have Left the Barn…. Now What?

That sort of sums up what’s happening in the mobile assessment marketplace. For years there have been serious concerns about unproctored testing, testing over the internet, etc. Well, the fact is that unproctored testing is here to stay and the advent of mobile devices has made it easier than ever to test people anywhere, and anytime. Is that a good thing? In some ways yes, it gives more people an opportunity to apply for jobs than ever before. At the same time, it raises logistical, psychometric and even ethical issues.


SIOP Conference Trends and Employee Selection

Posted by  Eli Castruita

Well, the 2012 Society for Industrial/Organization Psychology (SIOP) annual conference has come and gone.  We are proud of our team for exceeding the number of presentations given last year and, although our schedule was full, we were able to attend many sessions.  As usual, there were many interesting topics presented and discussed by I/O psychologists.  However two themes seemed to really stand out and both of them have received a lot of attention the past several SIOP conferences.


Select International's SIOP 2012 Presentations

Posted by  TJ Muehlfeld

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Top Technology Trends at the Society of I/O Psychology Conference: Assessment Delivery

Posted by  Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

I just returned from our profession’s annual conference, the Society for Industrial/Organization Psychology (SIOP) in Chicago. My colleagues and I presented research and attended a variety of sessions around selection and assessment topics. While there are many topics I could discuss, one theme seemed to appear over and over again– Technology.

When I first started at Select 11 years ago, we were concerned about the availability of computers at a client facility and candidates’ ability to use a mouse and navigate through the assessment. Now, we are concerned about making sure we can deliver our assessments on all of the devices available to candidates. The presentations this year really made me reflect back on how far we have come and how technology is changing selection moving forward.


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