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Posted by  Ramya Ramesh

SMA_Logo_Horizontal_RGB.jpgImagine this scenario: you’re a recruiter and you have a shiny new job to post on your company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

You log into the ATS, post the opening, and off it goes – generating new candidate leads every day. After a few days, you review the applicants and decide which candidates should move forward in the hiring process.

But if you’re like thousands of other companies in the world, your recruitment process isn’t as simple as interviewing a candidate and hiring them – you want to make sure the person you’re hiring is right for your job. You might need to complete a background check on that candidate, and you want them to take an assessment to measure their fit for the role.


SIOP Conference Trends and Employee Selection

Posted by  Eli Castruita

Well, the 2012 Society for Industrial/Organization Psychology (SIOP) annual conference has come and gone.  We are proud of our team for exceeding the number of presentations given last year and, although our schedule was full, we were able to attend many sessions.  As usual, there were many interesting topics presented and discussed by I/O psychologists.  However two themes seemed to really stand out and both of them have received a lot of attention the past several SIOP conferences.


Can Social Media Replace Employee Assessments?

Posted by  Ted Kinney, Ph.D.

An article was recently published in Journal of Applied Social Psychology.  The article, Social
Networking Websites, Personality Ratings, and the Organizational Context: More Than Meets the Eye?
(Kluemper, Rosen, & Mossholder; 2012), is gaining some interest in the popular press and in other blogs.  The researchers took an interesting look at whether or not raters could accurately assess personality based on social media (e.g. facebook pages).  The authors reported relationships between these personality attributions from social media sources, self-report personality measures, cognitive ability measures, and supervisor ratings of performance.  It is a well done piece with strong methods – all the things I look for in an academic paper. 


4 Things You Need to Know about Applicant Tracking Systems and Assessment Integration

Posted by  Louis Simon

If you’re an organization that utilizes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and on-line assessment for assisting your hiring process, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about Assessment Integration (AI). Especially if you’re utilizing two platforms to manage your recruiting process and another to provide your candidate assessments, it’s smart to think that combining those two systems could be beneficial to your recruiters, candidates and hiring managers. Knowing that there’s benefit in integrating is normally where the process starts. Where it goes from there is sometimes a very thought provoking path and each organization will have its own reasons for deciding to integrate assessments or not. If you’re just starting the process of finding an ATS this information will be beneficial to your discovery. If you’ve already picked an ATS you may find that this information hits close to home. Here are a few things you need to know about Applicant Tracking Systems and Assessment Integration.


ATP Innovations in Testing Conference: Trends in Employee Assessment Simulations

Posted by  Matthew O'Connell, Ph.D.

On Monday, February 28th I will be presenting at the ATP Innovations in Testing Conference in Palm Springs, CA.  I will be talking about two interactive simulations that we developed at Select to measure a person’s ability to multitask effectively.  One of the simulations is more relevant for manufacturing environments while the other is designed for call centers.  Technology is making it easier for us as test developers to come up with creative, interactive solutions to address specific assessment issues and multitasking lends itself to such an approach. 


Top Technology Trends: Assessment Content

Posted by  Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

The previous blog discussed how changes to technology have impacted how assessments are being delivered to candidates during the selection process. In the next few years, new devices such as smart phones and tablets will be even more commonplace and we must be ready to leverage them. A second way that technology is having an impact on selection is in the area of assessment content, specifically the increase in simulations and multi-media technology.


Top Technology Trends at the Society of I/O Psychology Conference: Assessment Delivery

Posted by  Amie Lawrence, Ph.D.

I just returned from our profession’s annual conference, the Society for Industrial/Organization Psychology (SIOP) in Chicago. My colleagues and I presented research and attended a variety of sessions around selection and assessment topics. While there are many topics I could discuss, one theme seemed to appear over and over again– Technology.

When I first started at Select 11 years ago, we were concerned about the availability of computers at a client facility and candidates’ ability to use a mouse and navigate through the assessment. Now, we are concerned about making sure we can deliver our assessments on all of the devices available to candidates. The presentations this year really made me reflect back on how far we have come and how technology is changing selection moving forward.


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