Why Employees Leave Your Company [Infographic]

Posted by  Mark Rogers

quit-turnoverWe talk about turnover all the time, and with good reason. It can be a very expensive problem for any company. If your top performers are consistently leaving your company, you may have a problem.

On the other hand, there is such a thing as good turnover. If your less productive employees are leaving voluntarily, that's not necessarily a bad problem to have.

Our friends over at BambooHR decided to find out what causes employees to leave their companies. They surveyed over 1,000 people in US companies to find out what annoys them, what causes them to be unproductive, and what the breaking point was that made them leave their companies. Here are the top 3 deal breakers:

  • Employees will quit if they're not getting promoted, and offered opportunities to advance their careers.

  • Work-life balance is very important. Many employees will leave if they don't have a good balance between the two.

  • If people aren't being paid fairly, they will also look for other opportunities.

Take a look for yourself. Below is an infographic that outlines the results from BambooHR's survey.


Reducing Turnover and Absenteeism for Bottom-Line Benefits

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