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Assessments for Selecting and Developing that Achieve Increased Customer Satisfaction

Excellent customer service is the livelihood of many businesses, and one of the most critical factors in a healthy and successful organization. The right people in direct contact with your clientele make the difference between losing and keeping a customer, so effective call center hiring is critical.

Select International's solutions for call center hiring make an immediate impact on your operations, sales and client retention. You'll save time interviewing, reduce time to fill and hire more intelligently right out of the gate. Have developmental areas within your current workforce?  Select International's call center assessments are also designed to help current agents address weaknesses and leverage strengths to become more productive – all with little effort and expense.

Select International makes a difference wherever your employees and customers connect. Call centers, contact centers, retail outlets and help desks from any industry are able to boost employee retention, customer service and sales performance using Select International's call center assessment tests. Our call center assessment accurately evaluates a person's ability to perform mid- or entry-level job functions within customer service and sales environments. You'll have the most qualified agents speaking with your customers and exceeding their expectations.

Our comprehensive package of solutions includes web-based applications, screening tools, in-depth assessments and hiring processes designed specifically for the unique challenges of call center hiring.

The solutions used most frequently for call center hiring include:

Hourly Level:

  • ServiceFit – This brief, cost-effective assessment screens out candidates who are least likely to be dependable and productive, enabling your organization to reduce turnover and replacement costs.
  • Select Assessment for Customer Service – This in-depth assessment measures candidates in call center or contact center environments.  Adding this comprehensive call center assessment helps your organization increase productivity and quality of hire through multi-tasking simulations, work pace and work ethic measurements and realistic customer service scenarios.  Additionally, the Select Assessment for Customer Service will calculate each candidate's typing abilities through both visual and audio word per minute (WPM) assessments.  Seven core competencies are measured:
    • Customer Focus
    • Multi-Tasking
    • Ownership
    • Positive Attitude
    • Quality Focus
    • Problem Solving
    • Sales Focus

Professional Level:

  • PrōFit – This assessment tool quickly identifies professional-level candidates who have what it takes in professional individual contributor roles, and screens out those who don't.  Seven core compentencies are measured:

    • Accountability
    • Adaptability
    • Results Driven
    • Collaboration
    • Values Diversity
    • Customer Focus
    • Leadership Potential

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