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In-Person Training For Quick, Accurate Hiring Decisions

During an interview with a job candidate, there are a number of factors to constantly balance, measure and monitor. Are you asking the right behavioral interview questions to get the candidate information you need?  Are you asking appropriate follow-up probing questions?  Are you asking legally defensible questions?  And, are you capturing that information correctly?

With classroom interview training from Select International, your answers to those questions are a resounding, “Yes!”

In the Select Interviewing® classroom, you receive behaviorally-based interview skills training built on decades of extensive research and experience, informed by thousands of interviews.

Your interviewers leave these in-person interview courses with knowledge of the following structured interview techniques:

  • How to avoid illegal interview questions
  • How to identify Builder, Cutter and Maintainer behaviors
  • Effective note-taking during interviews
  • How to keep the interview moving without being insensitive to the candidate
  • Which questions best probe for key competency areas
  • How to identify when motivation to do the job replaces motivation to get the job
  • How to regain control of an interview when candidates are asking questions

This interviewing skills training course gives your interviewers the confidence and expertise to conduct focused and structured interviews, allowing your team to make quick and accurate hiring decisions.

The flexible Select Interviewing programs allow you to choose between one-day interview training and three-day train-the-trainer courses according to your needs and schedule. 

The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide
The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide

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