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Getting Real Results for Our Valued Clients

We are proud to feature a few of our clients who have realized a bottom-line difference through hiring best practices and employee assessments. These business owners and managers have achieved success with hiring systems created by Select International, and they’re glad to share how their experience could be yours.

Watch the videos below to discover how each of these organizations benefited from our hiring solutions and HR consulting:

Select International Is Your Hiring Solutions Partner

Plan Like Sonneborn For Manufacturing Hiring Success

Implement Behavioral Interviewing Like Texas Roadhouse

Experience How PCC Airfoils Improved The Quality Of New Hires

Improve Your Healthcare Hiring And Culture Like McLeod Health

Learn TMK IPSCO’s Secret To Better Manufacturing Hiring

Witness How Select Implemented A Lean Manufacturing System

Discover How VAM USA Improved Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Learn The Secrets Of Reducing Turnover Like Cascades

Consistently Hire, Develop and Promote Like TEREX

Find Out Why Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Keeps Returning To Select International

Hire Better Production Supervisors Like Southwire

Discover The Legally Defensible Hiring Solutions For Veyance

Ready to start reducing turnover and hiring more productive employees for your organization? Click the button below to experience how the hiring best practices and workforce solutions from Select International make a bottom-line difference for your business.

Reducing Turnover

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