Configurable Candidate Landing Pages

Configurable Candidate Landing Pages

Select International offers Configurable Candidate Landing Pages as an EZ App® Upgrade where clients can showcase important information about their company and, by enabling Select International’s EZ Filter functionality, clients can also provide candidates with an easy way to search open positions.  The pages can be configured by choosing the layout, logos, content and colors.



  • Customized Look and Page Content
  • Organize and Search Capabilities
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Featured Positions
  • Unlimited Amount of Main Recruit Pages
  • Multiple Language Support

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Client Branding



The EZ App Upgrade can be configured to align with the client’s company branding.


Clients can provide us with their company logo and color scheme, and we'll use this to create a branded and consistent look-and-feel across the portal.


Customizable Page Content


Each client Portal will allow for up to five tabs/pages of content.



The pages can display textual information, image galleries, or links to hosted videos.






The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide
The Ultimate Hiring Manager’s Guide

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