Select Assessment®
for Customer Service (SACS)

Customer Service Test

If customer service plays a major role in your organization, you know how important it is to provide a positive experience with minimal effort to meet your customers’ needs. You need front-line workers who exhibit the customer service skills required to resolve customer issues quickly, the first time, and anticipate future needs before they happen.

Select Assessment® for Customer Service (SACS) can help you identify individuals with the aptitude necessary to perform effectively in your customer-facing roles by combining personality, behavioral and simulation-based testing to provide an efficient and innovative solution to evaluate candidates.

Candidates can complete the assessment from anywhere on their own time. The on-screen instructions guide candidates through this comprehensive and easy-to-implement test, reducing the need for administrative support even when handling a large number of openings and applicants.

SACS measures eight core competencies deemed important for customer service roles:

  • Customer Focus
  • Multitasking
  • Ownership
  • Positive Attitude
  • Quality Focus
  • Problem Solving
  • Sales Focus
  • Processing Speed

Additionally, typing speed is assessed through visual and audio transmissions.

Take the hassle and uncertainty out of your hiring process by implementing SACS to reduce the time and cost needed to hire the best quality candidates for your organization.

SACS is a comprehensive assessment that gives an in-depth look into your candidates. If you are interested in a shorter assessment tool to help you screen out candidates at the top of your hiring funnel, click here to learn about ServiceFit.

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