Pre-Hire Solutions for Contact Centers

Customer Service Tests are Essential for Building a Stable, Productive Workforce.


Build Customer Loyalty 

Providing customers with an effortless experience to resolve an issue is the key to building customer loyalty in today’s marketplace.

That makes hiring the right representatives critical to every customer-service oriented organization.

If you need to fill an opening or openings with a customer service component, ServiceFit helps with assessing hourly candidates for contact center hiring.


Improve Operations and Retention

Effective customer service plays a major role in the health and success of an organization. Having the right people in place to provide solutions to client problems the first time can make the difference between losing and keeping a customer.

Select Assessment® for Customer Service (SACS) for contact center hiring make an immediate impact on your operations, sales and client retention.

You’ll save time interviewing, reduce time to fill and hire more intelligently right from the start.


Customized Solutions for You

Since 1993, Select International has specialized in finding the right people for the right jobs. We focus on the development and validation of assessment tools that are accurate, efficient and fair.

We have used our expertise to create a suite of assessment solutions for the customer service industry. We know how to find you friendly, dependable and hardworking customer service representatives who will add value to your organization.

Our solutions can be used at all phases of the hiring process.

Our Society Demands Superb Customer Service

More than any other place on Earth, it is our society that is best known for demanding superb customer service. How can a company ensure that their customer service staff meets that standard?

The secret lies in equal measures of effectiveness and efficiency in hiring practices. With the sheer volume of applicants applying for customer service jobs, companies must have a strategy in place for finding qualified candidates.

This infographic gives five practical steps for recruiting ideal customer service teams.


Texas Roadhouse Implements Behavioral Interview

Learn how Select International helped Texas Roadhouse train their staff to manage better interviews.

Discover the cost-saving benefits of hiring the right employees, the first time.