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Hiring Assessments for your Supply Chain or Distribution Center

Effective logistics staffing for distribution centers helps your bottom line by reducing absenteeism, turnover and workplace accidents.  This can be achieved by using Select Assessment® for Distribution Centers, an assessment solution developed for hourly positions in distribution center and supply chain environments.

This logistics staffing test ensures successful logistics hiring by measuring core competencies necessary for success in distribution centers.  This test is suitable for a variety of positions, including warehouse personnel, drivers, loaders, inventory managers and maintenance workers.

Most importantly, with this test, your organization can decrease the amount of valuable time managers spend on interviewing with poor-quality candidates.  Little administrative support is needed thanks to on-screen instructions that guide your candidates through the assessment process.

Select Assessment for Distribution Centers assesses core competencies in one powerful system.  This hiring system helps you identify people who will show up on time, work hard and get along with others.

These people are also less likely to quit suddenly or be involved in workplace violence, accidents, illegal drug use or theft.

Additionally, this assessment uses interactive, engaging and realistic computer graphics to measure competencies essential in distribution centers, such as attention to detail, problem solving, process monitoring, visual acuity and work pace.

The employee assessment evaluates several core competencies for logistics staffing, including:

  • Attention to Detail – Taking great care to ensure all aspects of work are completed correctly, developing effective methods for tracking specifics, checking the quality of work in order to ensure accuracy, identifying mistakes and correcting them before they cause major problems.
  • Logical Reasoning – Demonstrating the ability to understand and solve problems with deductive reasoning.
  • Positive Attitude – Viewing the world in a positive and optimistic manner, rather than being cynical, distrustful or pessimistic.
  • Responsibility – Taking responsibility for his or her actions and the consequences that result from those actions, and refraining from making excuses for failures or blaming others for mistakes.
  • Safety Orientation – Being aware of factors that affect employee safety and adhering to all rules and regulations intended to protect employees from harm, using good judgment in all work situations and taking action to correct safety hazards.
  • Teamwork – Cooperating and working effectively with others in the pursuit of common goals.
  • Work Ethic – Setting high standards rather than solely following those that are expected, and demonstrating commitment and pride by working diligently to complete tasks and achieve goals.
  • Work Tempo – Maintaining a high activity or productivity level over time without losing effectiveness. This may involve working long hours, frequent overtime or working at a fast and steady rate.

The employee assessment solutions used most frequently for logistics staffing and supply chain recruitment include:

Hourly Level:

SecureFit – This brief pre-employment assessment screens out the candidates least likely to be safe, dependable and productive so you’re able to reduce turnover and replacement costs.

Select Assessment for Distribution Centers – This in-depth assessment measures the competencies necessary to be successful for hourly positions in distribution center environments. It identifies candidates who are most capable of successful performance in an hourly distribution center position.

Professional Level:

PrōFit – This brief assessment measures basic competencies for professional individual contributor positions and also provides a score for leadership potential. This assessment is best used at the top of the selection funnel to screen out individuals who are a clear mismatch for your organization.

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