eBook: Importance of Training Interviewers

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eBook: Importance of Training Interviewers

It's the most commonly used type of employee assessment:  the interview.  Lots of people conduct them, but how many are actually doing them accurately and efficiently?  Hiring managers who haven't received effective interviewer training run the risk of making poor hiring decisions due to poor interviewing skills.

In this eBook, you'll learn the importance of training interviewers and hiring managers before candidate interviews begin.  Organizations have used the training tips and techniques included in this eBook to streamline their interviewing process.  Topics include:

  • The Bold and the Not so Beautiful:  Avoid Hiring a Narcissist
  • Stripping Away the "Date Face" in Pre-Employment Interviews
  • Do Bizarre Interview Questions Really Find the Best Candidate?

This quick summary provides some practical tips for becoming a better interviewer, and illustrates the importance of training your interviewers.

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