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eBook: Nurse Hiring - Reduce Turnover & Increase Patient Satisfaction

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nurse_hiring_cover-resized-188.jpgNursing is the single largest component of a hospital's workforce.  Your nursing culture goes a long way toward determining whether you'll be successful reducing the cost, and increaseing the quality, of care.

We've collected our most popular pieces on nursing selection and hiring and put them in this eBook.  It will provide insight into how to build the nursing team your organization needs to succeed.

A Few of the Topics Addressed:

  • How to Hire nurses who can multi-task and fit with your healthcare hiring strategy
  • Five Behavioral Competencies that Prevent Nursing Errors
  • The Role of Healthcare Hiring Assessments

We hope you find this information to be useful and thought-provoking.  Simply complete the form to the right to view this eBook.

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