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People are Unique.  Their Safety Development Should be Too.

Most safety programs treat everyone as if they are all the same; assuming that if everyone is trained the same way they will be equally and inherently safe.  However, the truth is, we are all “hard wired” somewhat differently, and some people are simply more at risk of injury than others.  That’s why Select International’s approach to safety focuses on developing the individual first to improve the safety performance of the entire group.

Improving Safety Starts with the Individual and Their SafetyDNA

Research shows there are innate psychological characteristics that are consistently linked to safe behavior, incident rates, and even injury severity.  Everyone has a unique combination of these traits and abilities, which we call “SafetyDNA.” By identifying and measuring these unique characteristics, your organization is able to consider each of your employees’ safety “blind spots” and provide individual, targeted safety plans.  This is the only way to drive true behavioral change, grow stronger leaders and improve safety culture and performance.

Watch the video below to learn how the Port of Corpus Christi used our Safety Solutions: 

Taking Ownership of Personal Safety

Once individuals understand their SafetyDNA and learn their safety strengths and blind spots, true safety development begins. They take ownership of their personal safety and actively work to improve their safety behavior - taking your organization’s safety performance to the next level.

Drive a Shift in Safety Culture with SafetyDNA

Companies with world-class safety performance align all of their people-based functions around one thing – Safety.  They hire the right people, grow strong safety leaders and develop a safe workforce by focusing on people’s SafetyDNA.  Click on each function in the model below to find out how our Suite of Safety Solutions can help you with each of these critical steps.


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safety assessment


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