Employment Screening Tools

Identifying the Best Fit Candidates

Any successful organization has to hire employees who work safely and collaboratively, are dependable and service-oriented and perform their jobs effectively. Identifying these employees quickly, accurately and in a cost-effective manner is critically important. Select International’s web-based employment screening tools are here to help.

Each employee assessment tool is designed to be a short, easy-to-administer and fair method of employment screening for a wide range of positions.

Administered at the top of the hiring funnel, these tools allow your organization to screen out candidates who are not likely to succeed, so you can focus your time and energy on hiring those who are.

Our Screening Tools include:

  • SecureFit – Screens candidates for hourly positions that involve manual or physical activities
  • ServiceFit – Screens candidates for hourly positions in a call center environment
  • ServiceFit Plus  Screens candidates for hourly positions in service or sales environments
  • ServiceFit for Retail – Screens candidates for entry-level positions in a retail environment
  • PrōFit – Evaluates professional-level candidates
  • RoadWorthy – Assesses candidates applying for commercial driving positions
  • ServiceFit for Healthcare – Screens candidates for positions in healthcare
  • NurseFit – Screens candidates for nursing positions
Using biographical data, behavioral statements and personality items, your organization is able to measure many risk factors and competencies depending on which screening tool is utilized, including:
  • Quality risk
  • Safety risk
  • Stress tolerance risk
  • Productivity risk
  • Absenteeism risk
  • Turnover risk
  • Attitude Risk
  • Impulsivity Risk
  • Dependability Risk
  • Accountability
  • Adaptability
  • Collaborative
  • Compassionate
  • Dependable
  • Patient Focused

Not only do these employee assessment tools tell you which candidate is most likely to fit your general profile for productivity, but they also tell you who best fits the specific roles that are available. The assessment reports provide interview probing questions and a final recommendation. These employment screening tools are perfect for professional or hourly job levels and are customizable for multiple industries, including:

With Select International’s employment screening, your organization makes better hiring decisions in a way that’s fast, efficient and affordable.


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