English Proficiency Assessment

English Proficiency Assessment

More and more companies in the Transportation industry are facing a difficult challenge – how to ensure that all of their drivers are proficient in English. A minimum level of English Proficiency is a requirement of all commercial drivers in the U.S., according to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA). Drivers who do not meet this requirement could be fined and/or placed out of service, not to mention the legal liability to employers if these drivers are involved in motor vehicle accidents. This can lead to significant costs, including those related to Out-Of-Service (OOS) violation fees, lost productivity and most importantly, driver-related injuries and fatalities. But can you identify candidates who meet this requirement in a manner that is objective, consistent and legally defensible? Select International has the perfect solution – the English Proficiency Assessment.


Our Solution

Select International’s English Proficiency Assessment is a validated test specifically designed to assess driver candidates’ minimum level of English proficiency. It specifically measures the key aspects of proficiency in a way that is simple and highly job relevant. Moreover, it ensures that a driver simply has a minimum level of English proficiency, rather than providing an extensive test of English fluency and knowledge, which is not necessary in order for a driver to meet the FMCSA requirements.

Developed with a team of subject matter experts with decades of experience in transportation, motor vehicle regulations and highway safety, the English Proficiency Assessment is a valid and reliable tool that is administered to driver candidates early in the application process to screen out those who have very poor English comprehension and verbal ability and as a result, would not likely meet FMCSA proficiency requirements. Administered online along with a brief interview component, the assessment is designed to measure the critical skills that determine English proficiency and has been validated in order to ensure that it is legally defensible to use as part of the hiring process for drivers in the U.S.


The English Proficiency Test can help you:


identify Identify and hire only those candidates who meet the minimum requirements for English proficiency
reduce Reduce the number of OOS violations and fines
prevent Prevent highway accidents and injuries due to poor English proficiency
impove_hiring Increase productivity and efficiency in your operations by keeping more drivers on the road
increase_productivity Improve your hiring process for drivers in a way that is consistent, valid and legally defensible


Intelligent Decision Support

The assessment measures four elements that are critical to a driver’s English proficiency:

  • Following Verbal Instructions
  • Highway Sign Knowledge
  • Form Completion
  • Oral Proficiency


Given the urgent need to ensure drivers are proficient in English, let us help you select drivers in a manner that is objective, consistent and legally defensible. Request a complimentary demo to find out how an English Proficiency Test can help your organization.


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