Healthcare Employment Assessments Consulting

Sometimes the human resource issues that companies experience are complex, and the right solution is difficult to pinpoint.  While there are many employee assessments and services available, it can be hard to find the right one if you don't fully understand the problem. 

Select International's experienced consulting team can help you figure out where to start.  Our consulting services group is a team of highly specialized and experienced Industrial/Organizational Psychologists with the ability to create specific human capital solutions based on the needs of our clients. 

If you have asked yourself any of the questions below, Select International's consulting services team can help you create a solution based on your needs.

Validation: How do I make sure that this employee assessment is accurately screening my candidates?

Turnover Analysis:  Why are people leaving my organization?

Competency Modeling:  What competencies should I be considering for this job family or position?

Multi-Level Assessment:  Is there a suite of assessments that can help me screen candidates at all levels within my organization?

Legal Compliance:  Who can help me make sure that my HR practices are legally compliant?

Customized Solutions:  Who will work with me to build a custom HR solution for this position?

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