Competency Modeling

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, competency models are an important and necessary investment, and are vital in developing and utilizing talent.

What exactly is a competency model?

A competency model is a description of those competencies possessed by the top performers in a specific job or job family.  Essentially, a competency model is a blueprint for outstanding performance in a given job or job family.

Competency models serve as the foundation of all human resources processes and are essential in managing talent in today's workplaces.  Having a well-developed competency model allows an organization to identify the necessary behaviors, skills, aptitude, knowledge and personal characteristics employees must possess in order to be effective on the job.

Competency models are critical to many talent management activities including:

  • Hiring and promoting the best people
  • Clarifying job and work expectations
  • On-boarding
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Training/Development
  • Workforce Planning/Succession Planning

Creating and implementing a well-developed competency model will allow you to build a sustainable, competitive advantage in utilizing human resources by increasing the percentage of superior performers within your healthcare organization.  It also ensures that you have the talent to meet your organization's strategic and tactical goals.

If you do not have competency models for key job families within your organization, Select International can help you develop them.  The resulting models will drive your human resource activities.  Select International can provide you with tools to support your competencies and help you identify, select and develop the best employees.

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