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Your hiring system might never be legally challenged.  But if it is, you'll be asked to provide evidence that your healthcare organization's hiring process is fair, non-discriminatory and job-related.  Your ability to comply could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs/damages, and protect you from irreparable damage to your organization's reputation.

Having a legally defensible hiring system is a lot like wearing your safety belt in the car.  You might never need it - it simply protects you in case you do.  And while the legality of your selection system may never be called into question, if it is, being able to defend your hiring practices protects you from costly attorney and consultant fees, compensatory damages or class action suits.

Read more about the OFCCP's recent victory
regarding jurisdiction over hospitals.

The truth is that all hiring decisions are regulated by federal and state laws, which prohibit selection systems that are unfair to candidates based on race, gender or ethnicity.  Organizations that are challenged must be able to prove their selection processes and hiring criteria are job relevant and fair.  All selection systems developed by Select International meet the standards set forth by the federal government and the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and are designed to optimize both quality of candidates hired and fairness of the hiring process.  We work with our clients to continually monitor for adverse impact, consider alternatives and ensure a legally defensible hiring process.  Since our founding in 1993, no Select International client has ever lost a legal challenge to its selection system.

Just as the more you drive, the greater your risk for accidents, the more you hire, the greater the risk of a legal challenge.  We provide a full range of consulting services to meet client needs on all points of the continuum of legal exposure.

The bottom line:  Your hiring decisions are subject to legal guidelines and scrutiny.  Select International's processes and tools can help decrease your risk, while at the same time increase the quality of hires - the ultimate goal of every selection system and the true measure of its sucess.

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