Front Line Healthcare Staff

Front office staff, nursing assistants, home care aides, environmental services workers, transporters, and patient care technicians drive the patient and resident experience. Whether you have one candidate or a thousand, you need to make the right hiring decision. High turnover and poor performance are costly. Using our assessment your organization can build an evidence-based hiring system.

ServiceFit ® for Healthcare

This short, online assessment platform evaluates candidates for the competencies that predict success including: Dependability, Adaptability, Patient-Focus, and Conscientiousness.

Configurable to fit your needs
Easily integrated with your applicant tracking system
98% completion rate and a positive candidate experience
Optimized for mobile devices
Extensive and continuous validation research

Select Interviewing® for Healthcare

Select Interviewing for Healthcare prepares hiring managers to conduct efficient, effective, and legally defensible interviews using our award-winning training tools. Combined with ServiceFit for Healthcare it forms the basis of an efficient, predictive, evidence-based hiring system.

Other Positions - Our Library of Assessments

Healthcare organizations are complex. Take advantage of our vast library of assessments to apply evidence-based hiring principles to technology staff, sales professionals, call centers, and any other position.

Select C.A.R.E.S. Assessment

The Select C.A.R.E.S. Assessment helps staff to understand and adjust the behaviors that impact the patient experience.

front line staff in healthcare

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