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Healthcare organizations are complex.  In addition to healthcare-specific positions, there are often hundreds of employees in support roles:  Accounting and data analysis, environmental services, drivers, security staff and customer service.

Select International's healthcare clients have access to our library of industry-leading screening tools and in-depth assessments, including:

  • Select SalesPro®: comprehensive online assessment helps organizations choose the right types of sales people for their individual sales roles.

  • PrōFit®: easy-to-administer screening tool identifies professional-level candidates likely to work efficiently, be self-motivated, work well with others and be trustworthy.

  • Select Assessment® for Professionals: in-depth assessment measures the personal side of your professional-level candidates and evaluates their emotional intelligence and cognitive/critical thinking skills.

  • ServiceFit®: predictive online assessment that screens out high-risk applicants in several areas, including customer service, retail and hospitality.

  • Select Assessment® for Customer Service: interactive, online test measures hourly candidates for call center and customer service environments.

  • SecureFit®:  assessment test screens out candidates for hourly positions who are least likely to be safe, dependable and productive.  Removes high-risk applicants early on in your hiring process.

To learn more about any of these solutions, simply contact us online or call 800-786-8595.

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