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Healthcare Hiring Assessments

Healthcare is unique.  Healthcare organizations are a complex mix of executives, physicians, nurses and other professionals, technical and front-line staff.  They are working with multi-faceted technologies and care delivery models to achieve seemingly simple results - deliver better care, improve the patient experience, and reduce the cost of care.

More than ever, behavioral skills matter in healthcare hiring.  Compassion, attention to detail, emotional intelligence, motivational fit, and the ability to collaborate; these all impact patient satisfaction and outcomes.  To build the patient-centered care culture you envision, you need a successful selection system.

A Scientific Approach

Applying the science of selection to healthcare requires expertise - selection expertise and an intimate understanding of the healthcare space.

Select International is a leader in customized human resources assessments.  Having worked with progressive companies in every industry for more than 20 years, Select International develops solutions that are unmatched in the market. 

Our healthcare hiring experts build custom solutions for our clients.  This includes creating organization-wide behavioral competency models, streamlining the selection process, and implementing our healthcare-specific assessment at all levels of the organization.


Reduce Employee Turnover

This approach reduces turnover, time to fill, costs and legal risk, while improving patient satisfaction and organizational performance.

We ensure that your talent acquisition approach supports your mission with solutions for executives, physicians, nurses and front-line staff.

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Reducing Turnover in Healthcare

How much does nursing turnover cost? The cost of turnover is 1.5 times the base salary for exempt employees. The average hospital is estimated to lose about $300,000 per year for each percentage increase in annual nurse turnover.

Consider a hospital with 2,000 employees of whom 35% (700) are nurses. Average annual base salary is $67,000 and annual turnover is 20%. Assuming turnover cost of 1.5x average annual base salary, reducing turnover by a mere 5% would result in $3,517,500 annual savings.

Just from those stats, you can see that turnover is a costly problem and decreasing it by small percentages can have huge impacts.

This Tip Sheet discusses the high cost of turnover and three ways your organization can reduce it, through a better healthcare hiring process.


“Nothing is more important to us than retention.”

Blanchard Valley Health System looks for employees who fit their culture and who are committed to the team. This is why they've enjoyed working with Select International. Together, they have been able to build an  system for finding candidates that fit their system.


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