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Healthcare organizations need to provide higher quality, better coordinated, patient-centered care, while controlling costs. Success will require a workforce with cutting-edge clinical and technical skills, but also high levels of compassion, empathy, patient focus, communication and collaboration.

That's why Select International developed a full suite of healthcare specific hiring solutions for both selection and development. These tools can be used at every level in the organization so that today's healthcare workforce can be prepared for tomorrow's challenges.


Solutions for All Areas of the Organization:

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The leadership skills required for success today are evolving and vastly different from those of past decades.

Healthcare has, historically, failed to take a deliberate approach to identifying and developing leaders. Leadership success, and having a pipeline of talented leaders ready to step in, is not an option – it’s an imperative. The traditional approach of hoping that nursing, physician and administrative leaders emerge, is a recipe for disaster.

We are seeing at conferences, in literature, and in our work with clients, that organizations have recognized the problem, and are scrambling to put together programs and resources to prepare leaders.

In this eBook we've pulled together some of our best content related to leadership in Healthcare.



Nursing Assessments

Hiring and retaining top nursing talent is critical to quality of care, patient satisfaction and performance improvement.  

Technology, process improvements and service excellence programs only go so far.  Individual behaviors impact outcomes.  

Using Select International's nursing assessments, you can identify nurses with a patient-centered mindset, who are adaptable and fit your vision.



Front Line Staff

Everyone in your organization impacts the patient experience.

Front line staff, environmental services workers, transporters and patient care technicians often spend more time with patients and family than physicians and nurses.

You may have a robust candidate pool for these positions, but high turnover and poor performance are costly.


front line staff

Physician Assessment

Hospitals are counting on a new physician workforce to help develop coordinated care models, increase quality of care, improve patient satisfaction and reduce costs.

Poor performance and disruptive behavior impact organizational goals and physician career satisfaction.



Selection Strategies in Healthcare

Connecting Behaviors to Your Vision to Improve Outcomes

Healthcare administrators and providers are tasked with finding ways to enhance the quality of care, improve the patient experience, and reduce costs. And they need to do it NOW.

Training and development will only get you so far. This eBook discusses the steps that most impact behavior at the individual level, which is what leads to real, enterprise-wide improvements.

The Healthcare industry is facing significant challenges. Use this eBook to gain insight into how selection and behavioral competencies can positively impact your organization's performance.





Allied Health Assessments

While most people focus their attention on physicians, nurses and front line workers, the reality is that a variety of allied health professionals impact patient care.

A patient's clinical outcome and experience can turn on the care provided by a physical or respiratory therapist, radiology technician or other professional or technical member of the team.



Managers and Supervisors

Mid-level managers have a significant impact on patient outcomes, the patient and family experience, staff development and retention, and financial performance.

Too often, we promote the best clinician or individual contributor, without evaluating his or her actual management skills and leadership potential.

Our approach identifies the required behavioral skills, and identifies the best candidate for the position. These tools can also drive a structured management development program.



Executives and Directors

What type of leadership do healthcare organizations need today? These leaders face more challenges than ever before, with issues that include consolidation, accountable care organizations, physician relationships, new payment methodologies, cost pressures and information technology changes.

Executive performance is a multi-million dollar issue. Senior leaders make daily judgments that have an enormous impact on patients, employees, the community and the organization's mission.

You can no longer leave senior leader selection and development to chance.



Discover the cost-saving benefits of hiring the right employees, the first time.


Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

The assessment has been a great tool for us. It helps us to weed out a bottom tier of applicants. From there, we're able to implement our other processes to ensure we're sending the best people over for the job.