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Bring science and analytics to every hiring decision for
front line staff, nursing, managers, physicians, and senior leaders.

Base your training and development on objective data.

Build the workforce you need for today’s challenges with
healthcare-specific tools.


Solutions for All Areas of the Organization:




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 evidence based hiring


The traditional healthcare workforce, and talent strategies, weren’t built for this new world.

We need new skills and competencies at every level of the organization.

Healthcare is now slowly adopting proven, “evidence-based” talent strategies.  Is your healthcare organization making hiring decisions based on intuition, biases, anecdotal evidence, and flawed data? Do you have evidence that your reliance, to whatever degree, is valid or reliable? (Data says it probably isn’t.)

A more deliberate approach with objective data yields better selection decisions. Candidate selection should be based on best practices in order to overcome opinions, knowledge gaps, and biases. Wherever possible, it should rely on formal, explicit methods to analyze evidence and make the data available to decision-makers.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about Evidence-Based Hiring.




Benefits of Healthcare Hiring Assessments




Reduce Turnover 

Turnover is a complex problem but hiring the right person is the best place to start.  A well-designed, healthcare-specific, evidence-based approach to hiring targets the attributes and motivational fit factors that predict success and retention.


Target Top performers –
Hire for Fit

While people might define “fit” differently, everyone wants a hiring system that predicts success on the job, and employees who will contribute to a great culture.






Focus on the
Behavioral Skills that Matter

Healthcare jobs are changing. Collaboration, adaptability, emotional intelligence and service orientation are more important than ever. An evidence-based hiring approach targets the attributes that matter to your organization. The same data forms the foundation of an effective training and development program.


Improve Hiring
Accuracy and Efficiency

The right hiring system and tools improve your ability to identify the candidate with the greatest chance of success, optimizes your resources, and reduces time to fill.


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