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Reduce Turnover and Increase Hiring Accuracy

Allied HealthFit goes beyond traditional "off-the-shelf" personality inventories. This proprietary assessment approach incorporates the five types of questions that are most predictive of turnover, job satisfaction, decision-making and job performance. It even evaluates the critical area of “decision making."  Select International has performed millions of assessments worldwide and is the industry leader in testing accuracy and validity.

Increase Efficiency

This cost-effective tool makes the jobs of human resources professionals and hiring managers easier. Candidates that simply do not fit the job demands or competency profile are eliminated early on in the process. This enables the hiring manager to focus his or her attention on the most qualified candidates and make decisions based on objective data.

Reduce Legal Risk

In combination with a well-designed hiring process, Allied HealthFit can reduce legal risk in the hiring process. Select International leads the industry in the development of legally defensible hiring systems.

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