Staffing a New Hospital - 7 Things You Need to Know

Posted by  Bryan Warren

In many industries, opening a new facility is relatively common. Manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies are familiar with the start-up process. Our team has a pretty well-oiled approach to building a high volume selection system for a new facility. It starts more than two years in advance and we know exactly how it will work.


Healthcare Hiring Lessons From UPMC East President, Mark Sevco

Posted by  Bryan Warren

This week’s blog is an interview with the President of UPMC East, Mark Sevco.

The team at Select has extensive experience building high-volume hiring systems. When a client builds a new manufacturing or distribution center, and needs to hire a few thousand people in short period of time, we design the entire selection system. Compared to other industries, though, hospital start-ups are rare. Few healthcare executives get to lead such a fascinating project.

Given the new healthcare landscape, building a new hospital really means building a “new” hospital – a new concept in care delivery, efficiency, and the patient experience. It’s a daunting task, but also an exciting opportunity to build a culture and processes from the ground up; all designed to meet new quality and patient experience expectations. In some respects, it may be easier than changing an existing culture, but it certainly presents its own unique challenges.


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