healthcare interview training

Your ability to create a patient- and family-centered culture depends on the quality of your staff. Stop wasting time and money with an ineffective, inefficient approach to interviewing that may be creating unnecessary legal risk.

Select Interviewing® for Healthcare gives your hiring managers healthcare-specific interview guides targeting the behavioral competencies most important to your organization. Incorporating our award winning Select Interviewing training program, you will enhance the candidate experience and your ability to make sure that every hiring decision contributes to your patient-centered culture. 

  • Healthcare is unique. Don’t try to adapt off-the-shelf interviewing content and training designed for other industries. You need to identify candidates that are patient-focused, dependable, collaborative, compassionate, have high levels of emotional intelligence, and can adapt and innovate.
  • Healthcare hiring managers are unique. They don’t have time for a cumbersome interview process that doesn’t give them the information they need to make a good decision.
  • The healthcare hiring process is unique. We are looking for specific qualities that affect our ability to provide patient-centered care while providing a positive candidate experience.

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