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Selecting the Best Nurses with a Customized NurseFit® Assessment

A large American kidney care company engaged Select International to help them improve the quality of their nursing workforce. Specifically, the project’s aim was to design, validate and implement a customized selection tool that could be used to hire employees into the nursing positions at the organization’s locations. The primary objective of the project was to design, implement, and maintain selection processes that screen out “risky” candidates and help the organization to place qualified individuals into jobs in an accurate and fair manner. Read this business outcomes to learn how this was done. 

Reduce Involuntary Terminations with a Selection System Focused on the Right Behavioral Competencies

This business outcomes discusses a regional community hospital system that is representative of the challenges facing most smaller health systems. It is moving to a high performance, integrated system, from two very different hospitals – all under relatively new leadership. The system is reinventing itself to meet the needs of its community. They want to attract and retain people who are adaptable and suited to this culture. Learn what Select International's in-depth cultural assessment revealed and how Select International was able to help this hospital system. 

Top Children's Hospital Changes its Culture
 While Improving Key HR Metrics

One of the nation's leading, award-winning children's hospitals sought to create a patient and family-centered culture that matched its superior clinical reputation.  After identifying key areas to improve, the hospital took important steps to address those issues.  The results?  The hospital has now achieved Magnet status, has seen its patient satisfaction ranking improve by 16 percentile points, and is now rated one of the Top 10 hospitals in the nation.


Lean Culture + Selection System = $1.5 Million in Savings

One of the top teaching hospitals in the U.S. took action to reduce waste and increase efficiencies within its organization.  As part of this initiative, the hospital successfully rolled out Lean training to its entire staff.  By implementing a selection system that complemented the Lean methodology, they were able to reduce turnover and save $1.5 million in just the first year.

Reducing Turnover through a Comprehensive Assessment Solution

A prominent children's hospital needed to build a workforce that possessed not only superior clinical and technical abilities, but also a high level of compassion, empathy, patient focus and collaboration skills.  A challenging goal, especially considering they were struggling with a short-term turnover of 24%.  By implementing a comprehensive assessment solution, they reduced that figure to 1% within the first year.


Cutting Turnover in Half

Four hospitals, all part of the same health system, had a long history of turnover in service worker positions - as high as 63%.  The system had done extensive analysis and tried several strategies, with little success.  In addition, hiring managers were reviewing up to 50 resumes and interviewing as many as 10 candidates to fill a single position.  Learn how these hospitals saved $1.3 million by cutting their service worker turnover in half.

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