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The Nursing Shortage and Changing Responsibilities - Are You Prepared?

 Is any group of professionals more critical to healthcare reform than nursing? Nurses make up the single largest segment of the healthcare workforce and spend the greatest amount of time delivering direct patient care. Nurses work across every segment of the healthcare delivery system and not only provide direct patient care but coordinate care and, more than ever before, are leading efforts to redesign the care delivery system itself.  Download this whitepaper to learn more about how the nursing shortage will affect your organization and what you can do to prepare.

Building a High-Performance Healthcare Culture

What other industries learned, a long time ago, is that new processes only take you so far – success requires a high-performance culture. Why is it so hard to replicate this in the healthcare industry? Download this whitepaper to learn why culture change is so hard to obtain in the healthcare industry and find out what is working. 

A Looming Leadership Talent Crisis - Can You Solve the Leadership Gap?

Healthcare has always presented unique leadership challenges. For decades, though, the industry largely ignored the need for a deliberate approach to leadership talent strategies. Today’s healthcare leaders are facing unprecedented changes and as the challenges mount, the failure to find, develop, and retain effective leaders is going to catch up to many organizations.  Learn more in this whitepaper. 

Improve Hiring Efficiency, Effectiveness, and the Candidate Experience

Finding good talent was already a struggle. There’s been a growing shortage of physicians, nurses, and home care providers while the demand for healthcare services continues to increase. Turnover is on the rise, in all departments.  Learn how you can improve healthcare hiring by downloading this whitepaper.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Hiring: Leaders, Physicians, Nurses, and Front Line Staff

Hospitals will continue to face the challenge of delivering value, rather than volume, and new levels of accountability. Care delivery models will continue to evolve, as will payment methodologies, and the pace of technological advances will not abate.  This whitepaper discusses the role of evidence-based hiring in the healthcare space and how it can be applied for senior leaders, physicians, nurses, and front line staff.

Engagement = Success:  How Engaged Employees, and Talent Strategies, Drive Success

Across industries, low employee engagement impacts absenteeism, errors, turnover, productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • why engagement is important
  • a better approach to employee engagement
  • how engagement starts with leadership

Turnover:  The Cost, the Causes, and a Sustainable Solution

Healthcare is a labor intensive industry. Whether you are looking at front line staff, nursing, physicians, or leadership, there are dollars tied to turnover and, beyond the hard dollars, there is a significant impact on organizational effectiveness. Learn more about healthcare turnover by downloading this whitepaper. 

Is Leadership in Healthcare Different?

Analysis shows that there may be slight differences, but more importantly, organizations need to understand their own unique challenges and be more deliberate and effective at selecting and developing leaders. In this whitepaper, you'll learn: The Challenges of Leadership in Healthcare, How Healthcare Leadership is Different,  and A Better Approach to Identifying and Developing Leaders in Healthcare.

Employed Physicians – New Expectations and a Recipe for Success

Perhaps no area has been so ignored in the push for healthcare reform, as the need to prepare physicians to succeed, not clinically, but to succeed in their careers in the face of great changes – and to succeed as partners in changing the way care is delivered. Download this whitepaper to learn what has changed for physicans and how they can succeed through the new changes.

Individual Behaviors, Not Programs, Drive Patient Safety and the Patient Experience

If people can learn about their own tendencies in a non-threatening, positive manner, and be provided concrete examples of behavioral changes, they are receptive. We’ve seen this work in other industries and we know that isolated exercises using this approach have worked with physicians, nurses and front line staff. Download this whitepaper to learn how improving patient safety and patient experience starts with the individual. 

Do Your Talent Strategies Support a Patient-Centered Culture? 4 Keys to Success

Patient-centered approaches have been shown to improve health status, patient compliance and outcomes, and even reduce the cost of care. Yet, not many hospitals would claim, at this point, that they are truly patient-centered. Learn how you can make your organization more "patient-centered."

Front Line Staff, the Patient Experience and Your Bottom Line - Avoiding the "Cultural Hourglass"

Don’t neglect the group that has the most direct contact with patients and families. Service workers and front line staff have a significant impact on the patient experience, the bottom line and your culture. A more deliberate approach to finding, selecting and retaining people with the right behavioral make-up yields a healthy return on investment.  This paper examines the failures of the “traditional” approach to these job categories, a four step new approach, and a unique challenge with the people that manage these employees – the “cultural hourglass.”

How Culture Drives Hospital Outcomes

Hospitals are required to improve the quality - while reducing the cost - of care.  Some are struggling with how to drive real change - to create a culture that positively impacts outcomes.  This whitepaper discusses how healthcare organizations can use cultural change to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

Long-Term Care Talent Strategies

By the year 2030, the U.S. population will include 71 million people over the age of 65. Even in a difficult economy, long-term care providers continue to renovate and build new facilities to meet the increased demand for services.  Competition among providers is stiff and there is increased scrutiny on the quality of care being provided.  Learn how Select international's solutions can help you win the war for talent.

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