High-Volume Hiring in a Tight Labor Market - What You Need to Know [WEBINAR]

Learn tips for hiring in a tight labor market 


Better Manufacturing Hiring 

With such a low U.S. unemployment rate, local labor markets are saturated and manufacturing companies are facing difficulties in filling both production and skilled jobs. Employee retention becomes a high priority, but retention isn't enough. Companies need to find workers to replace those who end up leaving, while also recruiting for expansions.

In this environment, how can companies identify and attract quality hires? And what role will automation play?
This webinar will answer those questions and more. 

In this 1-hour webinar, we discuss: 

  • How to find quality candidates in a tight labor market
  • How to attract younger candidates to manufacturing jobs
  • Automation’s effect on manufacturing
  • Skills Gap - what resources to use to find employees with the right skills for manufacturing jobs



Steven Jarrett, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
Select International


Rose Keith, M.A.
Select International


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