In-Basket Management Assessment

Scenario Testing For Potential Supervisors And Managers

Want to know how a candidate for a leadership position will actually perform? Instead of relying on interviews and resumes, consider an In-Basket assessment that allows you to test your candidates' skills in action.

Select International’s In-Basket Assessment is one of the most powerful tools for evaluating candidates for supervisor, manager, director or senior executive roles. In the management assessment test, candidates assume the role of a manager at a fictitious company. They get materials and information typically found in a manager’s email inbox.  Next, they are asked to respond accordingly.

The In-Basket Assessment presents a day-in-the-life simulation where candidates react in real-time to professional scenarios. Participants respond to the emails in the order of highest priority and in the exact same manner they would if they were performing the job. They are provided with all the background information about the fictitious company and about their role before the assessment begins, and are also given supporting documents to help them make decisions and create their responses.

In addition to responding to emails, this management assessment includes two role-playing exercises. An assessor assumes the role of an employee and interacts with the candidate. This entire process provides hiring managers with a more accurate measure of an individual’s performance and capabilities.

The In-Basket Assessment measures characteristics and abilities, including:

  • Decision-making style
  • Empowering others
  • Interpreting information
  • Managing resources
  • Working with others
  • Written communication

The management assessment also offers additional advantages over more traditional tests. The In-Basket Assessment is:

  • Seen as fair and job-related by the candidate
  • An accurate evaluation of how a candidate will handle realistic situations
  • Interactive and engaging, not like taking a traditional test
  • Unstructured, allowing candidates to respond any way they want
  • Administered and scored remotely
  • Difficult for candidates to falsify
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