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Keeping your interview skills sharp is not an easy task, but ensuring that managers and interviewers at every level of your organization conduct consistent behavioral interviews every time they hire is an entirely different assignment altogether.

For such a monumental undertaking, you need Select International’s EZ Guide Interview Guide Generator.

With this behavioral interview guide generator, you are empowered to conduct your own competency analyses and build behavioral interview guides for all of your supervisors and hiring managers at every level – without being consultant-dependent.

The EZ Guide Interview Guide Generator helps you manage and conduct better interviews in the following ways:

  • Integrates completely with in-person and online Select Interviewing
  • Makes your interview guides easy and accessible online
  • Offers secure and customizable permission levels for creating and altering interview guides

In addition, your Interview Guide Generator allows you to:

  • Access Select International’s research-based library of behavioral interview questions and answers
  • Create behavioral interview guides with a simple, step-by-step process to help hiring managers avoid illegal interview questions and assess candidates consistently
  • Fully customize all competencies, interview questions and behavior anchors
  • Increase rater reliability among multiple interviewers with each behaviorally anchored rating scale
  • Document your interview training and guide creation process with Tracking Reports

Stop fretting over whether your organization’s interviewers are conducting consistent, structured interviews and start creating interview guides that ensure candidates, at every level, are interviewed correctly. Click below to harness the power of this simple hiring tool, which, when used today, better predicts a candidate’s job performance tomorrow.

Interview Training Tool

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