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Select International – A Great Partner

It is an exciting time to grow with Select International.  We have just launched an innovative new leadership platform that is changing the way organizations and leaders approach ongoing development and coaching.  One of the driving forces behind the development of this platform was to give coaches more tools to use in their developmental engagements.  We are currently seeking partnerships with both independent consultants/coaches and larger consulting and coaching organizations.  Our vision and goal is a mutually beneficial partnership that will give you the tools you need to be even more effective in your client engagements. 

You might want to consider being a Select International partner if you:

  • Are looking for a way to become more effective and efficient in your current client engagements
  • Want access to one of the best libraries of online assessments that help identify leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Are interested in having access to developmental resources tied to specific leadership behaviors and competencies
  • Want a robust system for gathering feedback on how the individuals you coach are doing on an ongoing basis

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