Today, organizations must be agile to meet the changing demands of their industries and consumers.
Do you have leaders in place who can adapt to market demands and lead change?

The first step to development is self-awareness. Our assessment tools provide the baseline for leadership development by giving individuals insight into their personality styles and behaviors, their LeaderDNA, to create a personalized leadership development program that includes a development plan, coaching, and resources from our leadership library.



Assessment Report

When individuals go through our process, they will have access to a report that provides assessment feedback including suggestions and targeted areas for improvement to better understand their personal strengths and developmental areas.




Leadership Library

Users will have access to our entire developmental library which includes hundreds of pieces of information such as articles, books, webcasts, tips, and online training courses. These resources are continually updated on a quarterly basis to keep our content fresh and engaging.




leadership library 



Assessor Driven Coaching & Development Plan

Individuals also have the ability to request 1-on-1 coaching from our staff of senior assessors. During this meeting, they will debrief the assessment results and build a developmental action plan with measurable goals that help define
what success looks like.




Additional Leadership Selection and Development Tools

Whether you’re planning for the future, looking to build a platform for leadership feedback, or determining what developmental initiatives you want to tackle for the year—Select International has the tools to help. Click on the options below to learn more: 


Where Has Performance Management Gone?

Find Out the Future of Performance Management

The way companies conceptualize and execute performance management is changing. Fortune 500 organizations now have the data to prove that the annual performance review process just does not provide ROI, nor does it drive behavior change. Today’s leaders want feedback more often. So, what is the answer? Find out in this whiteaper. 




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